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Kyle Enderle


There’s nothing to be afraid of when you’re leaning over the ledge of a plane’s doorway, staring at the ground 14,000 feet below. When you jump, you won’t feel your stomach rush to your throat like on the down slope of a rollercoaster. You are actually moving sideways, while the plane continues to lurch forward at 100 miles per hour. Don’t fear the height, either. The ground is so impossibly far below you that it will feel as if you’re staring at a quilt.

That’s Kyle Enderle’s advice to skydivers – and why he relives this experience nearly every weekend.

Among the first things Kyle made sure of before accepting a job offer in Cincinnati was that the city had a nearby drop zone – a skydiver’s landing pad. In fact, one of the key perks of working this job in risk management for the Great American Insurance Group, which he will begin this summer, is that Kyle will finally have the income he needs to dive whenever he pleases.

Kyle also finds satisfaction in the risk management profession. He loves being in a position that allows him to “analyze all facets of how firms make money and provide substantial value for clients.” –Carl O’Donnell

Image of Kyle Enderle Skydiving

In the two group skydiving photos, Kyle is wearing the blue jumpsuit and black open-face helmet.

Name: Kyle Enderle

Major or position/title: Risk Management and Insurance

Hometown: Willington, Conn.

Personal motto: No one remembers second place

How to spot you on campus: You can find me in Alter

Morning ritual: Three snooze buttons, two 5-hour Energies, one perfect Windsor knot

My friends think I’m: Delightful

On your mind: Money

Farthest you’ve traveled: Grand Cayman

Favorite Philly spot: Finnigan’s Wake

Photo of Kyle Enderle SkydivingFood truck craving: Any chicken sandwich from Ray’s

Good reads: More Money Than God – Sebastian Mallaby; The Big Short – Michael Lewis; How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

Can’t miss TV: Walking Dead, Tosh.0, SportsCenter

Best class ever: Risk Management capstone with Dr. Baglini

Most treasured possession: My parachute

Greatest fear: Losing

Photo of Kyle Enderle SkydivingPost-graduation plans: I have accepted a position as a LEAD Associate with Great American Insurance Company. I will be underwriting in the Excess and Surplus Lines Division.

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