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Jasmine Narcisse

Photograph of Jasmine Narcisse

Jasmine Narcisse


Being commencement speaker is a huge deal, and international business major Jasmine Narcisse is excited to give her speech. But maybe even better than attaining the honor is how happy her friends were for her. “The amount of people who were like, ‘Congratulations, Jasmine, you really deserve it.’— that’s what really meant the most to me,” she said.

The week before Jasmine sat down for her Fox Stars interview, she started working for BREE & Associates, a Durham, N.C.-based engineering and construction-management consulting firm that is expanding into Philadelphia. Jasmine, the company’s local point person, found her own office and signed a lease for a Center City space in her first week. She is responsible for business development in the Philadelphia region.

Before joining BREE & Associates, Jasmine worked as an international trade associate with the U.S. Department of Commerce, interned at the U.S. Department of Transportation and worked in Temple’s Bursar’s Office. She also studied abroad in Rome in fall 2011. “I don’t come from a family with a lot of means, so I never had the opportunity to travel, but I always wanted to,” Jasmine said of that experience, her first time traveling abroad.

In her commencement speech, she’ll talk about that consuming cocktail of feelings – nervous, excited, scared and anxious – with which she started and will end her college years. She hopes fellow graduates revel the moment and never forget the people and experiences that allow them to say they’re Temple Made. –Rosella Eleanor LaFevre

Name: Jasmine Narcisse

Major or position/title: International Business Administration major. Marketing coordinator at BREE & Associates, Inc.

Hometown: Johnstown, Pa.

Personal motto: Why not ask or try? The worst someone can say is “no.”

Photograph of Jasmine NarcisseHow to spot you on campus: Any other semester I would say Alter Hall 24/7, BUT I waited to take three GenEds until my last semester of school. S, sadly, I am also in Barton for half of the day.

Morning ritual: Press snooze. Press snooze. Press snooze. Realize how many times I pressed snooze, then jump out of bed. Rush either to work or my College Council office hours!

My friends think I’m: Nice to a fault, and that I’m an overachiever.

On your mind: What am I going to wear? Do I have anything due today? Why did I wait this long to do my reading? And other matter-of-life-and-death questions.

Farthest you’ve traveled: Budapest, Hungary … one of my favorite places EVER. The people were so friendly. My friend and I had dinner with a stranger who decided to sit down with us.  The food was DELICIOUS. We went caving—ah-mazing! It was a unique and unforgettable experience.

Favorite Philly spot: A street fair they host on Girard Avenue in the summer. And Honey’s Diner—yum!

Food truck craving: The Burger Busz! The Omega III Salmon Burger WILL change your life.

Good reads: The Hunger Games trilogy! Finished them all in a week!

Can’t miss TV: I actually miss them all the time and have to catch them on on-demand, but I would say: Revenge, Scandal, Fringe, Nashville, Bar Rescue, Hell’s Kitchen and The Following.

Best class ever: Ethics class with Lynne Andersson. She’s amazing!

Most treasured possession: My passport. I love to travel!

Greatest fear: Hmmm…Probably the thought of not living up to my high school senior superlative of “Most Likely to Succeed” and being a loser at the reunion. That would be so sad!

Post-graduation plans: I actually started my job (career?) part time, 20 hours a week, until I graduate and then I will go full-time. I will be doing business development and marketing for an engineering firm expanding into Philadelphia! Fingers crossed I’m good at it.

Your Fox Star: Carzel Bostic, who will be working for Vanguard, maintained a leadership role in a student professional organization while maintaining good grades. Zahra Safa, president of College Council, was selected by PricewaterhouseCoopers out of interns from across the nation to go on a company-sponsored program to Belize.

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