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Ariel Johnson-Peredo

Fox Stars - Ariel Johnson-PeredoTEACHING WHILE LEARNING

Her parents gave her a choice: she could either study biology or business. Though Ariel Johnson-Peredo had spent most of her life hoping to be a pediatrician, that dream was dashed when she passed out at the sight of blood. So she chose to study business. As an incoming freshman, she chose to study management information systems (MIS) because it was the only major with the word “management” in it. “I thought that I wouldn’t have to declare a concentration,” she says with a laugh. “I thought I was gaming the system and then I ended up liking it.”

While pursuing her bachelor’s degree in MIS, Ariel has worked with several organizations promoting awareness of the problems plaguing America’s education system. In May 2012, she became a campus campaign coordinator for Teach for America and has spent the intervening months educating her peers about the work they can do to improve the next generation. Ariel has also worked with Youth Action Team, a local nonprofit organization that connects college and high school students and encourages them to develop leadership skills and provide service to their communities, and recently joined the University Community Collaborative, a Temple-affiliated group with a mission similar to that of the Youth Action Team.

After graduation, Ariel, who was elected Temple’s homecoming queen in October 2012, will be employed full-time at Ernst & Young, where she interned in the summers of 2011 and 2012. She has plans to pursue her MBA in a few years, unless she chooses to study public policy, which she’s considering as a means of making her mark on the American education system.

In the meantime, she’s trying to not freak out about graduating from college.

Fox Stars - Ariel Johnson-Peredo Homecoming

Ariel (center) poses with Temple homecoming king Thom Green and Fox School alumna Aisha Howard, a former homecoming queen, as Ariel is crowned homecoming queen during a football game at Lincoln Financial Field.

Name: Ariel Johnson-Peredo

Major: Management Information Systems (MIS)

Hometown: South Philadelphia

Personal motto: I can never settle for average, because I was designed to be great. A quote I live by is from the head of diversity and inclusiveness at Ernst & Young: “Average is your enemy, complacency is your killer.”

How to spot you on campus: I eat, breathe and sleep in Alter Hall.

Morning ritual: Regardless if I have my first class at 11 a.m. or 2 p.m., I am usually up by 6:15 a.m. on most days. There is nothing like getting your day started early; it helps set the momentum for the day.

My friends think I’m: An overachiever, who is always on the move and could potentially be the next CEO of a company. They think I am going to take over the world. However, those chances are slim (I’m way too scared).

On your mind: It’s March and I am graduating in May! OH MY GOD!!

Farthest you’ve traveled: Rome

Favorite Philly spot: I definitely love El Camino in Northern Liberties and shopping on Walnut and Chestnut streets downtown.

Food truck craving: The Sexy Green Truck is by far the best truck at Temple.

Fox Star - Ariel Johnson-Peredo Kickball Tournament

Ariel and fellow Ernst & Young interns participate in the Big Four kickball tournament in Summer 2012 at Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park.

Good reads: The Global Achievement Gap and Fist, Stick, Knife, Gun.

Can’t miss TV: Scandal!!

Best class ever: From the Boardroom to the Locker Room taught by Professor Lynne Andersson and Coach Dunphy.

Most treasured possession: My mom’s college graduation ring. To me, this ring signifies a host of things. As a second-generation high school and (soon-to-be) college graduate, I wear her ring almost all the time.

Greatest fear: I think my fears change with age, but one fear that remains constant is the anxiety associated with dying.

Post-graduation plans: I will be working full time with Ernst & Young in Information Technology Risk & Assurance. I hope to pursue my MBA in about three years.

Your Fox Star: If there is one professor I really look up to, it would be Dr. Jacqueline Volkman Wise in the Department of Risk, Insurance and Healthcare Management.

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