An Academic Minor with a Major Advantage

Business and non-business students are invited to obtain a minor in finance from Temple University’s Fox School of Business.

The Finance Minor program educates students on how to use financial principles to manage and improve a variety of public and private organizations. The minor can be especially attractive for accounting, marketing, risk management, and real estate majors.

Required courses for a Finance Minor

Non-business students must complete the following prerequisite courses for a Finance Minor: Accounting 2101, Accounting 2102 or 2521, Economics 1101, Economics 1102, Finance 3101, Statistics 1001, Statistics 1102, and Statistics 2101 or 2103. One of the following courses can be substituted for Statistics 2101/2103 if required for student’s program: Civil Engineering 3048, Psychology 1167 or 2168, Sociology 1167 or 3201. Students must attain a C- or better; Finance 3101 requires a minimum grade of C. These grades are not calculated in the minor GPA.

The finance minor consists of two required courses: Finance 3504 (Intermediate Corporate Finance) and Finance 3507 (Investments), as well as two additional upper-level courses. Students must have a C or better for the courses to apply to the program.

The following courses meet the two upper-level requirements for the finance minor:

  • FIN-3505 (Management of Financial Institutions)
  • FIN-3506 (Derivatives)
  • FIN-3508 (Fixed Income)
  • FIN-3509 (Real Estate Investment and Finance)
  • FIN-3512 (Financial Modeling)
  • FIN-3513 (Financial Statement Analysis)

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