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Graduate Students

The Center for Student Professional Development (CSPD) is an active partner in your collegiate experience here at the Fox School of Business. Besides academic preparation, “professional development” is important to your preparation for life after graduation. Consequently, the Fox School has integrated a unique professional development component into both the undergraduate and graduate curricula.

Rather than simply focus on the traditional career elements such as resume development and interview strategies, etc., CSPD strives to differentiate you by talking a multi-faceted approach with a focus on personal development, career/industry awareness and impression management. This strategy in combination with job search coaching will truly make a difference in terms of your marketability.


CSPD provides:

  • Web-based career management systems – FoxNet/MBA Focus

  • Networking events with employers/alumni

  • Job postings/resume referrals

  • On-campus recruiting

  • Industry (Mock) interviews

  • Executive speaker series

  • On-line career resources

  • Group workshops

  • One-on-one coaching sessions


As mentioned, CSPD is your partner in this process. This means YOU need to take an active role in your professional/career development. The time and energy you invest in your job and internship search will be reflected in the career opportunities available to you.

You have already invested in your future by pursuing a business degree from the Fox School - however, a degree alone will not land you that ideal job. Take the next step and make your investment pay off by taking advantage of the resources CSPD has to offer and start creating your “dream job” strategy from day one!