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Research @ Fox

Research AwardsAs an integral part of a major research university, the Fox School is committed to creating, analyzing and disseminating knowledge in the business disciplines. We believe that quality education derives from serious discipline-based, pedagogic and practice-focused research. At Fox we celebrate the accomplishments of our renowned research faculty. Many of our faculty are leaders in their respective disciplines.

research discussionOur doctoral programs are integrally linked to the research agenda of the school. Our students regularly collaborate with faculty and support them in their research. In turn our faculty provide substantial mentorship and excellent research training to our students, many of whom have gone to become leaders in their respective fields. Doctoral students benefit from the high quality research produced by our faculty and at the same time are a catalyst and energizer of even higher levels of research output.

Faculty actively engaged in research bring new and timely information to the classroom, helping studentsfaculty with students become more productive members of the workforce. Research faculty contribute to the ongoing education of colleagues as well, enhancing the effectiveness of others striving for excellence in the classroom.

The Cochran Center at Temple University’s Fox School of Business and Management is named for Dean Harry A. Cochran. Dean Cochran served from 1934 to 1960. He shaped the School of Commerce into a modern, accredited business school and initiated graduate education. Under his tenure the Journal of Economics and Business was founded. The journal continues to be housed at Fox under the editorship of Professor Kenneth Kopecky.

Faculty Research RankingThe Cochran Center is located in the Dean’s office and supports the research agenda of the Fox School and the School of Tourism. We value the contributions made by our research faculty to the larger society and the link they create between our educational mission and our larger mission to engage the world around us.

Our goal is to become a leader in business and management research and community engagement to better serve our constituents – students, faculty, industry and the people of Pennsylvania. The Cochran Center provides support for faculty research through access to data, information about grants and review and presentation of research output both internally and to our larger group of constituents.

The Cochran Center publishes an annual newsletter, On the Verge, that highlights the research of our prestigious faculty and the research accomplishments of faculty and students.

Fox Research Agenda

The Fox School Research Agenda is based on our primary objective to continuously improve our research contributions and as a result become increasingly recognized as a premier center for business research.

Designed to maintain and increase faculty involvement in research, The Fox School Research Agenda commits resources to support faculty research awards and fellowships, and publicize research by Fox School faculty. The Cochran Center monitors faculty research which in turn helps to shape and advance the research agenda.