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Welcome to WISE 2011!

On the occasion of having the Workshop on Information Systems Economics (WISE) in Shanghai, China, the motivation for the workshop is based on the many novel Information Technology issues that have arisen in emerging Asian economies. Accordingly, the theme of the 22nd WISE workshop is: “Information Technology in Emerging Economies.”

The workshop is interested, but not limited, to the following issues that have particular interest in emerging Asian economies:

  • Economics of Software
  • IT Investments and Business Value of IT
  • Telecommunications in Emerging Markets
  • Technology Standardization
  • Intellectual Property Management and Digital Piracy
  • Outsourcing and Provision of IT Services
  • Media Convergence
  • Online Gaming and Virtual Worlds
  • Cloud Computing
  • eGovernment Initiatives
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Digital Interactions and Online Marketplaces
  • Social Networks in Emerging Markets
  • Electronic Commerce and Long Tail
  • Digital Supply Chain
  • Open Innovation
  • Cross-national issues in technology adoption and use


WISE 2011 Co-Chairs WISE 2011 Local Co-Chairs
Ramnath K. Chellappa, Emory University Xueqi (David) Wei, Fudan University
Pei-yu Chen, Temple University Pengzhu Zhang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Chris Forman, Georgia Institute of Technology  
Bin Gu, University of Texas, Austin  
Paul A. Pavlou, Temple University  
D.J. Wu, Georgia Institute of Technology