2013 Mayors Innovation Summit

The Power of Civic Innovation

Mayor Nutter
Bring your big ideas to Philadelphia and share at the 2013 Mayors' Innovation Summit

Hosted by the City of Philadelphia, the U.S. Conference of Mayors and Temple University’s Fox School of Business

The Mayors’ Innovation Summit will provide an important forum for dialog among mayors, information and technology officers, civic innovators, technology executives and the non- profit sector to share their vision of the city of the future. This three day event will engage participants in a variety of workshops and panel discussions. By engaging in a variety of workshops and panel discussions, participants will create a shared outlook about how metropolitan workshops and panel discussions, participants will create a shared outlook about how metropolitan places will serve their communities in the future. The program will explore how innovation and technology can engage community, improve quality of life and drive the creation of cities as places of choice for both residents and visitors.

The Summit will focus on finding solutions and sharing experiences with community powered innovations that will allow us to reach and achieve our common vision. City leaders and technology experts will have an opportunity to showcase the collaborative and strategic efforts that they envision serving as solutions to their most important challenges. This program of roundtable discussions and provocative interactive panels will feature partnerships among cities, government agencies and the private sector as they bring innovative technology-driven solutions to city operations. The forum will provide an engaging platform to communicate leading edge best practices that can provide new opportunities to serve stakeholders and constituents and enhance quality of life. The program will address three broad themes:

  • Cultivating Urban Models for Innovation – Exploring innovative processes in cities, such as: a) risk-taking/research & development; b) new models for delivering city services; and c) business incubation models fostering entrepreneurship and job creation.
  • Fostering Open and Communicative Government – Developing new models for governing such as: a) open data and transparency challenges; b) city as collaborator and partnership builder; c) effective use of social media.
  • Enabling Participation and Access – Providing means for citizens to access technology and participate in government such as: a) urban broadband and digital literacy; b) developing an effective urban workforce; c) community-centric public safety efforts

So, if you have a vision for your city in five years, or in 25 years, or in 2050, bring those big ideas and join us for the 7th Mayors’ Innovation Summit in Philadelphia, May 2013.