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The Digital City: Mayors’ Technology Summit

This year’s panels and workshops will focus on collaboration and innovation on the following topics:

  • Building citizen engagement, collaboration, and government transparency with information technology.
  • Urban Broadband: A public utility or an economic development engine?
  • Growing the creative economy through broadband innovation.
  • Connecting to urban residents who are socially connected, opinionated, and always online.
  • Creating municipal efficiencies with IT solutions such as consolidation and cloud technologies.
  • Enabling a mobile city workforce through broadband technologies.
  • Embedding smart technologies in key city operations.
  • Securing America’s ports through creative technology solutions.
  • Sustainable technology to create a lighter carbon footprint.
  • Securing critical infrastructure.

We are planning to publish a book on The Digital City that is based, among other sources, on the presentations at the Summit, and will be published by Springer. Mayors, CIOs, and sponsors are encouraged to submit an abstract on their proposed chapters to Professor Simon Hakim at For list of our publications see

The 2010 Mayors' Technology Summit, “The Digital City”, will focus on using information technology solutions to help local leaders meet the challenges of security and safety, economic development, and efficient government.  To enhance their sustainable economic competitiveness, cities are increasingly investing in developing their communications and social infrastructure, and at the heart of this development is a re-engineering of the collaborative environment that promotes productivity and efficiency.  The 2010 Summit will consider how innovations in information technology can enhance the collaborative environment and competitiveness of our cities.  Philadelphia’s Mayor Michael Nutter, in collaboration with the Fox School of Business, welcomes mayors and local, regional, and federal policy makers to join the dialog in sharing technology solutions to the emerging and most pressing technology issues facing cities today.

The summit will showcase leading-edge research and provide a forum where municipal leaders, corporate executives, members of the federal government, and university faculty can discuss and debate the future of municipal and regional information technology.  Participants will enjoy the unique opportunity to join in an open dialogue to share ideas and experiences in the challenges facing their communities with respect to safety and security, economic development, and efficient government.  

Participants will include 30 - 40 mayors and CIOs of major American cities, 10-15 executives of major technology companies, and other regional and national leaders. 

Temple University‘s Center for Competitive Government has coordinated several previous summits. Then-Mayor Rudolph Giuliani hosted both the 2000 and 2001 summits in New York City, which centered on local best practices and electronic government. Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco hosted the 2003 summit focusing on technology, HLS, public safety and economic development. Mayor Anthony Williams of Washington, D.C. hosted our fourth summit in 2004, expanding on the same theme, one which continues to be relevant to local leaders. In 2008, Oakland’s Mayor Ronald Dellums hosted a forum on technology and best practice. As in the past, the Philadelphia Summit will provide mayors and policy makers a vibrant forum to re-imagine our cities in an age of transparency and collaboration.  Mayor Nutter welcomes you to share your story in our City of Brotherly Love!

More information:  Julie Fesenmaier, | Fox School of Business | | 215.204.7040