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About the Event

International Education Week’s “A CARNIVAL OF CULTURES”

SombreroNovember 17, 2010
11 am – 3 pm
Student Activities Center (SAC)

International Education Week, November 15-19, 2010, is a joint effort between the US Department of Education and US Department of State in order to promote and celebrate multiculturalism and international education. Throughout the week, campuses, embassies, and communities are encouraged to hold activities celebrating international education and diversity.

Temple University will kick off International week by holding A Carnival of Cultures on Wednesday, November 17th, by celebrating international diversity on campus. Student groups with an international theme will be given an opportunity to represent themselves by exhibiting artwork offering interactive activities such as henna or origami demonstrations or wearing traditional attire from their cultures. The activities will offer attendees a better understanding of the cultures and values for the participating student groups. During the event students will also learn of the various opportunities (e.g. student clubs, conversations partners, study abroad programs,) for internationalizing their undergraduate experience.

Groups will be given an opportunity to represent themselves (traditional/modern music from their home country, art, national/cultural attire, etc.) on stage in order to offer participants and attendees exposure to and increased understanding of their culture and values.

Conditions for Participation

  1. register by filling out the web form:
    Online registration coming soon.
  2. no music or food permitted at the booths (food stations and stage provided by organizers)
  3. no religious or political materials given out or presented
  4. provide three trivia questions about your culture or region for our Trivia Game
    (prizes will be awarded at the 3pm drawing)