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Accessibility and Disability

Communicate by Phone:

  • TTY (Text Telephone) users calling a person without a TTY, dial 1-800-654-5984 in PA.
  • Voice phone users calling a TTY user, dial 1-800-654-5988 in PA.

Online Tools and Resources:

  • Section
  • Temple University Disability Resources
  • Temple’s Institute on Disabilities
  • MAGic : Screen magnifier only, but it’s designed to easily integrate with the JAWS screen reader.
  • SuperNova : includes screen magnification and screen reading with extensive speech support and support for Braille displays.
  • ZoomText : Level One version is a screen magnifier only, while Level Two integrates a screen reader into the package.
  • JAWS uses an integrated voice synthesizer and your computer’s sound card to output the content of your computer screen (including Web pages) to speakers. JAWS also outputs to refreshable Braille displays. Very widely used.
  • EMACS Speak is a free browser and screen reader specifically designed for people with disabilities. Runs on Linux systems.
  • Hal 4.5 for Windows offers extensive screen reader support for Web pages and other productivity tools.
  • CAST eReader is specifically designed to make print-based text accessible to people with learning disabilities, visual disabilities, and reading difficulties.
  • IBM Home Page Reader : designed strictly for Web surfing. Supports speech output and easy navigation.
  • WebFormattor : a free tool that works with Explorer 5.0. It shows the content of the Web page in a separate text window. Users navigate using the keyboard’s cursor keys.
  • Lynx : a text-only browser not designed specifically for people with disabilities but widely used by them. It’s available free.

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