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Creative Department

The Temple University SBDC Creative Department assists entrepreneurs by educating them on the importance of developing a professional company image and helping them establish strong, unique brand identities to stay competitive in their respective industries.

Creative Consulting MeetingWith assistance from business consultants, the creative team examines the client’s target market and streamlines the benefits offered by the client’s product or service. The creative team brainstorms original visual and copy concepts to develop the desired company image and effectively communicate the benefits in a creative, unique manner to the intended target market.



Logo sample- Tree House Books

  • Marketing Consulting
  • Advertising Consulting
  • Reviewing & Critiquing Existing Marketing Materials
  • Graphic Design/Illustration
  • Copywriting
  • Developing Company Names, Product Names, Taglines, Advertising Copy
  • Public Relations (PR) Consulting
  • Reviewing & Editing PR Campaigns, Press Releases, Media Writing, Media Kits, Letters, Correspondence, Solicitation, Publication Writing, Feature Stories
  • Photography


The Creative Department also educates clients on the printing process for marketing materials and helps direct them to the appropriate resources.

Logo Sample


Application Process

Prior to receiving Creative Department services, the client must complete a Temple University SBDC application for consulting. The client must have a preliminary marketing strategy, outlining the following:

  • Business Mission Statement
  • Product/Service Description Including Features & Corresponding Benefits
  • Target Market Description Including Demographics & Psychographics
  • Primary Benefit to Target Marketing/Competitive Advantage
  • Top Three Competitors (Direct & Indirect)
  • Secondary Benefits & Support
  • Desired Company Image
  • Positioning Statement
  • Marketing & Advertising Budget

Materials’ Fee

The Creative Department services are free. However, a nominal fee is charged per project to cover the cost of supplies such as ink cartridges, paper, design software, etc. used to develop marketing materials.

Please click here to view the costs for all the projects that we provide.

*It is the Temple University SBDC Creative Department’s mission to educate clients on the importance of developing a professional company image and then, assist clients with getting started in the hope that one day the client will grow to afford an advertising agency’s services or hire its own creative staff. Therefore, the Creative Department is limited on the number of projects it may provide to any one client. Any one client may receive assistance with three creative projects at maximum.

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