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The Temple SBDC continually provides substantive research and consulting experience to numerous college students through internship opportunities. In 2003 the Temple SBDC provided these learning opportunities to more than 40 undergraduate, graduate and professional students. Students from the Temple University Fox School of Business & Management, the Temple University School of Hospitality & Tourism, the Temple University College of Engineering, the Temple University College of Liberal Arts, the Temple University School of Communications & Theater, the Beasley School of Law at Temple University, the Temple University Tyler School of Art and the Art Institute of Philadelphia completed internships.

Some of the internships completed include six Temple SBDC Business Incubator Program internships. The Business Incubator Program interns assisted incubator businesses with their daily operational, administrative and marketing needs. These students provided over 400 hours of consulting to clients, which contributed to the Center’s overall consulting hours.

In addition, twelve third-year law students completed internships in the Temple SBDC Legal Clinic under the supervision of a practicing attorney/instructor. These law students assisted 79 clients with business related legal issues and helped clients in filing 15 new legal structures. Some of the legal issues law students assisted clients with include designing partnership agreements, incorporating businesses, developing, evaluating and negotiating contracts, analyzing real estate agreements and more.

Another key area that utilizes student interns is the Temple SBDC Creative Department. The Creative Department employed eight interns to assist clients with brand identity development, graphic design, copywriting, advertising, public relations, photography and marketing assistance. Creative Department interns had the opportunity to develop their skills and build their portfolios while contributing to the 85 creative client projects completed in addition to numerous Temple SBDC creative projects.

Numerous business students contributed to the Center’s overall impact and developed their professional skills through participating in general business consulting and research projects, International Trade projects, Technology Commercialization Assistance Program market research projects, Government Procurement market identification and procurement history projects and offering administrative support for Training Department events. In addition, environmental engineering students assisted the Environmental Specialist with researching environmental and worker health & safety regulations applicable to clients.

Through internships at the Temple SBDC, under the supervision of experienced SBDC consultants and specialists, students have the opportunity to build their professional skills, resumes and portfolios all while gaining hands-on experience with real client work and contributing to local economic development. As a result, clients receive cutting-edge, valuable research, information and creative projects.


If you are interested in applying for an internship opportunity, please contact the Temple SBDC Office at (215) 204. 7282 or

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