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The IEI works with new and emerging companies that have come through the Be Your Own Boss Bowl® business plan competition and other IEI offerings, including its mentoring programs, individual consulting, workshops, Lunch n’ Learn Toolbox Series, Mid-Atlantic Diamond Ventures and more. Please support Temple entrepreneurship and purchase the products and services available from the outstanding entrepreneurs below. And if you’ve received or are now receiving services from the IEI list your company here by contacting


 123LinkIt’s mission is to help bloggers make more money effortlessly. We allow any blogger to become an affiliate and build a passive income stream without having to know the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. With less than a minute of installation time required, our free software enables bloggers to focus on writing their content and building their communities while we take care of all the technical, operational and financial tasks. Each time a visitor purchases an item from a 123LinkIt affiliate link, the blogger gets paid. The more sales the blogger receives, the more revenue they earn.

123LinkIt is a small, self-funded startup based out of the suburbs of Pennsylvania. Our first plugin is for the platform. Upcoming releases include Blogger and TypePad. Founder and CEO: Yasmine Mustafa, Fox School of Business ’06.

Bagel Spice

Our mission statement at Bagel Spice is to spice up our customer’s lives by bringing them the most fresh and savory spice blends. Made with all natural spices, Bagel Spice {Original Recipe} was our first attempt to do just that. Our spice blends are hand crafted with great care. They are designed to stimulate our customer’s palates and send them on exotic culinary vacations. In a very short period of time, Bagel Spice organically grew to become a sensation. Bagel Spice communities were forming on various social media channels. People were sharing recipes and various ways to use Bagel Spice. Our team is very excited to have brought an innovative, convenient, and delicious new food product to kitchens worldwide. We are anxiously working on expanding our product line. Bagel Spice is currently available online only, but will soon be available in retail stores. Visit us at to experience this new taste sensation! Founder and Master Spiceologist: Bechara Jaoudeh, Fox School of Business

Bennett Compost

Bennett Compost turns garbage into gold by providing composting services to residential and commercial customers in Philadelphia. Food waste and other compostable materials are collected and made into compost that is then sold to gardeners and growers throughout the region. Started in 2009, Bennett Compost works with supermarkets, restaurants and coffee shops as well as households throughout the city. Bennett Compost is looking to change the way that garbage is handled and greatly reduce all of our environmental impacts related to food waste.

Campus Calendars

The Campus Calendars LLC was founded in June 2009 and produces calendars that have a college theme. The headquarters in Philadelphia designed a calendar featuring the top models from Philadelphia area colleges, mainly Temple University. The second location is in New York City where another 15 models have graced the 12 month calendar for colleges in NY. The Philadelphia operation conducted all of the photo shoots and fully designed each calendar with 10 employees exclusively from Temple University. In NYC there is another 10 employees who recruited models, developed artwok and created themes for the Campus Calendar. Since the release of each calendar, sales distribution channels have been opened up throughout the city of Philadelphia and New York. Philadelphia Campus Calendars can be found at numerous locations including the Tristain Video store and 7-11 on Liacouras Walk at Temple University. Founder and CEO: Dennis Noad, Fox Business School ’10

Cent$able Kids

The goal of Cent$able Kids is to be a recognized supplier of money management programs for children throughout the country, with the objective of producing financially savvy high school graduates. From bartering to budgeting, Cent$able Kids provides supplemental educational curriculum-based products in personal finance in the form of comprehensive and user-friendly kits. The program is designed to be enjoyable for both the teachers and the students. These kits tie directly into the educational standards set by the State, are customized to meet individual needs, and are supported by training while combining the most recent technological advances in e-learning applications with traditional learning techniques. The entrepreneurs from Cent$able Kids won the 2005 Business Plan Competition. Founder and CEO: Phyllis Ludwig, eMBA, Fox School of Business ’05

Chilly Dilly’s Ice Cream

Chilly Dilly’s Ice Cream specializes in regular “break time” visits to local business and industry, company outings, promotional events and on-site ice cream socials. Many companies hire us to come to their function and distribute ice cream to all who attend We feature some of America’s most legendary names, including: Good Humor, Ben & Jerry’s, Klondike, Breyer’s, Green’s and Popsicle. In addition to the 45 different novelty and homemade items available, we offer 24 different flavors of Hawaiian Shaved Ice and several low-fat healthy treats. Catering to any size event, Chilly Dilly’s bring happiness to groups as large as 2,500 and a small as the members of the front desk. To book one of our Classic Good Humor trucks call (717) 741 1785 for a free quote or visit our website today/ Founder/Owner: Dylan Bauer, Fox School of Business ’08

College Living

College Living is an online and in print magazine that is dedicated to celebrating the essence of the Washington D.C. and Philadelphia collegiate experience. Through humorous, informative, and compelling content that appeals to a highly coveted demographic, College Living endeavors to capture the exuberance that defines today’s graduate and undergraduate university student. College Living started out of a dorm room at Temple University. Now, we are becoming a national magazine, as we are beginning to publish magazines in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. Each Issue of College Living Includes health tips, apartment guides, fashion shoots, and employment focuses.

Our circulation is as follows:
22,500 Magazines distributed in Washington D.C.
22,500 Magazines distributed in Philadelphia

We distribute the magazine in partnership with universities and local stores. It is delivered directly to the hands of students through their on-campus mail boxes or at common areas around campus and directly mailed to 3,500 dorm rooms at Georgetown University, American University, The George Washington University, and Temple University. In addition we use face-to-face distribution on campuses of American University, Georgetown University, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, Villanova University, Howard University and Catholic University. Plus stock distribution in 250 locations in Philadelphia and Washington.

Elements and Alloys Inc. (EnA)

Elements and Alloys (EnA) is a new luxury brand of women’s and men’s fine jewelry that combines art and engineering, traditional craft and modern technology. The firm’s design philosophy is founded on the idea of integral ornament, beauty derived from the intrinsic qualities of the materials and fabrication process, and form derived from structure. Working exclusively with high karat gold, sterling silver and high-grade stainless steel, the alure of their minimal jewelry is dervied from the details of its execution and the characteristics of the metals themselves. Ultimately, each piece is a unique statement of fine craftsmanship, modern elegance and innovative design. The entrepreneurs from EnA met while studying architecture at Princeton University and were the grand prize winners from the 2006 Temple University business plan competition. Founders: Karen and James Moustafellos, Tyler School of Art



fslogoFruitstrology is a social-impact clothing brand that personifies fruit to represent customer traits and for every product sold, donates a serving of fruit to a child in Philadelphia through Philabundance. The line includes nine fruit designs, each with its own personality, for customers to choose from. Starting in Philadelphia and expanding city by city, this one-for-one mission solves a fundamental need for approximately 17 million children in America who have little or no access to vitamin rich fruit. Through fashionable and expressive clothing, Fruitstrology is committed to connecting and empowering its customers to help local children achieve a balanced diet.

CEO contact info: Sarah Stanton Cell: 276.799.6135 Email:


The mission of HeMemics is to expand the possibilities of science and medicine through dehydration technologies for cells and biologics. The current state of technology limits the use of cells and biologics in many applications. Cells must be stored in a defined condition and processed before use making them labor intensive, costly and impractical. HeMemics’ cell drying process offers a global approach for dry preservation for most mammalian cell types to extend shelf life, and ease storage and transportation. The technology will expand the use of mammalian cells in science, technology and medicine in areas that were once deemed impossible, and has been demonstrated in anucleated cells and nucleated cells. HeMemics was the first place winner, graduate student/alumni/faculty/staff track the 2009 Be Your Own Boss Bowl®, and was a presenting company of Temple University’s Mid-Atlantic Diamond Ventures. Founder and CSO: David Ho, School of Medicine is a next-generation web-based online collaboration for homeowners facing foreclosures, bankruptcy and divorce matched with; investors, lawyers, and more, generating a new level virtual real estate platform for investors, not currently available in today’s market. The business will be serving the rapidly evolving real estate foreclosure market for investors who want to see a quick turnover rate on their investments as well as participate in real estate transactions with other interested investors.

With its release on December 2007, this free web based tool empowers its users to carefully examine their options (based on their unique situation) to sell, refinance or file for bankruptcy. Homeowners are already signing for this opportunity at to be one of the first to turn their hope into reality!


Honey Grow

Made-to-order stir-fry bowls and salads from a 50-ingredient list, plus shakes, are the basis of honeygrow, a fast-casual eatery coming in spring 2012 to 16th and Ionic Streets in Center City, the spot on the ground floor of The Oakwood apartments (1601 Sansom) that formerly was The Pita Pit.

Entrepreneur Justin Rosenberg has enlisted DAS Architects to channel the sleek spirits of momofuko and Chop’t. Ordering and payment will be done by touch-screens.  Prices will range $8 to $10 for entrees and $4 to $6 for shakes.

Stir-fry options include lettuce cups as well as a choice of wheat, soba and gluten-free rice noodles topped with house-made sauces such as smoked oyster, Indonesian barbecue, spicy Szechuan, and ginger scallion.

Jaxy Oh

Jaxy Oh provides performance clothing solutions to meet the needs of active performing musicians and ready to wear styles for fans who want to channel their inner rock star. The company is founded by CEO/Creative Director Jacquee “Jaxy” Lukawski, who has performed with several bands over the past 10 years and truly understands what rock stars and fans want and need in their wardrobes. While other musicians have developed successful clothing lines, Jaxy Oh will be the first to design for performing musicians and the fans who love them. Jaxy Oh’s business model allows for multiple revenue streams with clothing and accessory lines that are priced to meet the needs of regional musicians and fans as well as custom clothing services for touring musicians at premium rates. Locally designed and manufactured in Philadelphia, Jaxy Oh is proud to be “Made in the U.S.A.” and is poised to position itself as an emerging leader in fast fashion while displaying corporate and ecological responsibility. For more information about Jaxy Oh, visit and follow @jaxyoh on twitter. To contact Jacquee “Jaxy” Lukawski, email or call 302-757-4021.


Kofi Coffee

Kofi is a Philadelphia coffee company built on the principle of selling only fresh gourmet coffee. We treat coffee as a perishable, baked good and therefore package our coffee in small quantities and pull them off the shelves of stores if they are not sold within 35 days. The pulled bags are replaced with fresh coffee. Currently, bags of Kofi coffee are being retailed in select grocery stores in Philadelphia with a goal in the near future to open up our own location. We hope that nobody will ever have to drink stale, bitter coffee again. Kofi is Coffee. If it is not fresh, we will not sell it. Founder and CEO: Brian Linton, College of Liberal Arts ’08

Lion Tea

Lion Tea is a functional beverage made from dandelion tea and natural fruit juices. Naturally untamed, Lion Tea has many different functions, including assisting in weight loss, cleansing the skin and eliminating acne, lower cholesterol and detoxing the liver and blood. We offer many different flavors including cranberry lemonade and mango tea. As Americans are shifting towards a healthier way of life, and functional beverages are expected to grow by almost 20% between 2011 – 2014, Lion Tea is positioned for high growth and market success. Founder and CEO: Ray DeRosa, Fox School of Business ’10

L&L Transportation Consultants LLC

Where in the world are you shipping? L&L Transportation Consultants specialize in large, heavy shipments. We arrange all types of packing, trucking, ocean or air freight shipments for all commodities (container, break bulks, charter, flat beds, step decks, etc.). We can work with your removal contractors or arrange for removal of equipment for you. We are your “one stop source” with over 35 years experience in domestic and import/export arrangements. We handle all the paper work! Call for a quotation (856.424.7884). Founder: Len Jacobs, Business ’58



MIGWiz is a young company founded by Temple alums Rahman Carter (Fox School of Business) and Jason Lamb (Beasley School of Law, 2013). MIGWiz has invented a welding tool that addresses the frustration of MIG welders, caused by the constant removal of stubborn spatter from the MIG welding gun. Spatter is molten metal that can build up and clog the welding gun during the welding process. The current MIG welding plier has only limited utility as a spatter removal device, and often the welder must stop work and use a separate file to clean spatter. The inefficient use of multiple tools to deal with spatter slows down the welder. MIGWiz adds a file grooved surface to the pliers’ jaws, allowing for easy removal of spatter build up without interrupting the welding process. Our tool also lowers costs by eliminating the need for anti-spatter sprays and gels. Simply put, this innovation saves time, increases productivity and lowers costs, creating value for both the welder and the welding shop owner. We hope to use our patented innovation to gain a foothold in the multi-million dollar MIG welding plier market through strategic partnerships with tool distributors and licensing agreements with welding suppliers.


Mal Traders

Malo Traders is a highly skilled, cross-cultural and cutting-edge social non-profit company. Its mission is to minimize the risk of post-harvest losses for Farabana small-scale rice farmers in the West African country of Mali — one of the poorest nations in the world. According to Africa Rice Center, harvest and post-harvest losses account for 15 to 50% of the market value of the initial production. In 2004, post-harvest losses were estimated to be about 38,000 tons of milled rice equivalent, a value of $20 million per annum. 80% of Malians rely on agriculture for their livelihood. The socio-economic situation of farmers has degraded significantly due to falling prices of crops, and the current rice market in Mli is unfair and inefficient. Malo Traders provides technological expertise on storage, packaging and distribution facilities to our clients. Based on our analyses, a conservative estimate of implementing our services would reduce post-harvest losses of farmers by at least 10% which would translate to an increase of at least 45% in their profit margins. Founder: Mohamed Ali Niang, Fox School of Business ’11

Museum of the Macabre

The Museum of the Macabre educates the public about the historical and cultural significance of the supernatural. As the only history museum in the world to interpret ghosts, séances, spiritualism, and more; it is the home for all things haunted.

N.A.B. Construction

N.A.B. Construction offers full service residential and commercial remodeling. We specialize in additions, kitchens, baths and high-end finish carpentry, decks and attic/basement finishing, vanilla boxes, custom-built counter areas and more. N.A.B. Construction is fully insured and able to be licensed in any township. References as well as “before and after” photographs are available upon request. We take pride in the quality of our work and treat every home even better than our own. Call for a free estimate (610.227.5490) and let us show you the difference! Founder/Owner: Niaz Butt, Fox School of Business ’11


Parallel Computers Technology Inc. (PCTI) is a Pennsylvania company specialized in core IT infrastructure enhancement tools research and development using commodity hardware and software components. PCTI has developed the first continuous parallel transaction replication engine (U.S.Pat: #6,421,688) that has broken the long standing technical difficulties in meeting the needs for non-stop mission critical database systems. Other core competencies include high performance computing systems, parallel system performance analysis and prediction, and parallel application developments. CEO: Tim Reese, eMBA, Fox School of Business


Phillyscreen was founded by a Temple Alum and is now owned and operated by a current Temple student. Phillyscreen has specialized in custom screen printing, embroidery, advertising specialties, promotions and graphics since 1985. The pride of Phillyscreen has always been our cutting edge contemporary urban style that sets the pace in corporate work wear, sports uniforms, family reunions, and private designer labels. From traditional one-color printing projects to high fashion apparel, no job is beyond our scope. To request a quote call 1.800.482.9125 or visit CEO: Tim Nesmith, Fox School of Business ’10

Launched in 2008, fully sustainable and funded by a PayPal executive in Japan, empowers busy people to unlock value from any idle minute with the most practical language learning on the go. Briefly, PlaySay empowers busy people to learn their dream language on the go. Anytime. Anywhere. On any mobile device. We turn cell phones into walking, talking, foreign language teachers. Try it at PlaySay has been featured in The Tokyo Metropolis, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Philadelphia Business Journal. Founder and CEO: Ryan Meinzer, Fox School of Business ’07

Plehn Analytics

Plehn Analytics supplies unique economic and financial reports leveraging privileged access to U.S. government-supplied data. Our products focus on market segmentation, risk assessment, and intelligence about customers, suppliers, and competitors in order to enable the financial services industry to make more informed decisions. To the best of our knowledge, Plehn Analytics is the only company producing reports derived directly from actual IRS tax returns, surveys conducted by statistical agencies, and records collected by administrative agencies. Producing products based on this data requires familiarity with complex government processes, access to the correct agencies, and the ability to ensure confidentiality in the resulting reports. Our core intellectual property lies in the algorithms used to assimilate the data to keep it confidential so that it can be distributed, as well as the knowledge of over 100 government agencies from which to draw the raw confidential data.


pureNANO Technologies is a next-generation clean nanotechnology platform, providing ultra-pure carbon nanotubes that will enable technologies which will disrupt entire industries and fundamentally change the way we live. pureNANO’s ultra-pure carbon nanotubes enable innovations across industries, with products like high-performance flexible thin-film solar cells, the world’s most energy efficient flat-panel displays and advanced mobile water filtration systems. pureNANO’s proprietary purification process yields material of significantly higher quality, at significantly lower cost and in significantly less time than currently available options. Nanotechnology is the next great wave of innovation. pureNANO makes this possible.

Real Time X Corp. (RTXC)

Real Time X, Corp. (RTXC) In dentistry, errors made and interruptions are largely due to the limitations of available ‘static’ imaging technologies: digital and film-based intraoral radiography. The solution, developed by RTXC, is a product platform known as the RTD Real Time Dentistry® system which will deliver three dental imaging features in a single device including video dental imaging, a proven technology used by physicians for more than 100 years for a wide array of procedures. For the first time in history, dentists will be able to see their work in ‘real time’ as they perform it. Founder and CEO: Daniel Uzbelger Feldman, Od., DMD, Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry

Rebecca Davis Dance Company

Entrepreneur and choreographer, Rebecca Davis is committed to developing rising talent and transforming young dancers into performing artists. In founding The Rebecca Davis Dance Company, she has pioneered a unique pre-professional dance-theater training program that imparts literary works, historical events, and social issues to students and adult audiences alike. The Rebecca Davis Dance Company fills the market gap between training and professional employment for young dancers in the Philadelphia community. In 2006, The Company presented its world premiere of Antigone at Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, and launched its training program at its studio located on South Broad Street. Subsequent productions have included Darfur, Hellen Keller, Greed: The Tale of Enron and Van Gogh. RDDC’s latest production is Braving the New World (Spring 2010). Rebecca Davis Dance Company was the grand prize winner of the 2004 Temple University business plan competition. Founder and Artistic Director: Rebecca Davis, Fox School of Business ’04

Sand Shack LLC

Sand Shack offers a wide variety of jewelry, flip flops and hats, all with a common theme of the ocean and the fun and free lifestyle it entails. Sand Shack necklaces, bracelets, earrings & apparel are functional, fun and suitable for various occasions all year round. Sand Shack also serves the community. We at Sand Shack realize the importance of keeping the ocean clean and beautiful. That’s why Sand Shack takes an active role in the preservation of our ocean and beaches through the organization and hosting of volunteer and awareness events in Cape Cod, MA, and why five percent of proceeds are directed toward ocean conservation. The labels of all Sand Shack products provide information about these events and how to register and attend them. We hope that everyone can enjoy wearing our fashionable products and join us in our devotion to protect our oceans. At Sand Shack “it’s not about the lobster.” It’s about every little thing that makes this place beautiful. You can register for an ocean conservation event with us at, and then click on ‘events.’ Sand Shack was the winner of the 2008 Be Your Own Boss Bowl® business plan competition, and the fall 2009 Temple Accelerator Program (TAP) company. Founder: Brian Linton, College of Liberal Arts ’08



Sector thumbnailSector Finance helps investors create a personalized investment portfolio that optimizes both financial returns and social good.  Sector breaks the myth that there must be a tradeoff between social responsibility and financial returns.  We provide investors with straightforward tools to measure the effects of their personal financial, social and environmental goals on their investment portfolio.  Sector’s unique platform takes a process that can be intimidating, rigid, and opaque, and makes it simple, flexible, and fun.

Founder and CEO: Kevin Way, Fox School of Business ‘13

STUZO Group, Inc.

Stuzo Group is a digital agency specializing in measurable, results-driven interactive promotions. Having been one of the first Facebook developers, the Stuzo Group began by creating successful applications such as Compliments, My Heritage and Sports Fan. The company then explored ways that brands could build their own social media applications to engage users and build successful online marketing campaigns. In 2008, Stuzo Group built the Win Big ™ promotions platform which consists of a variety of ready-to-deploy code packages that allow project teams to quickly and cost-effectively launch custom, branded interactive promotions that live on Facebook pages and standalone websites. In 2009, Stuzo launched a new platform, dubbed the “Social Buzz Box” ™ which provides marketers with a customizable social media solution that brings together a variety of promotional features, including specialized photo tagging, gifting, advanced polling, product storefront and data collection modules. Social Buzz Box, with integration into Facebook pages and/or standalone websites and connection to Twitter feeds, is fast becoming a staple in the social media toolbox of marketers. Founder and Executive Director: Gunter Pfau, Fox School of Business ’05

Urban Turbines

Urban Turbines is an innovator and manufacturer of patented non-conventional wind turbines that increase power generated by over 260% compared to traditional systems. Their enhanced energy output means Urban Turbines are compact enough for installation on multi-story buildings in urban and suburban locations, cell and water towers, and more. And unlike traditional wind turbines, Urban Turbines systems work in turbulent air flow conditions. Return on investment could be up to 400% faster than traditional wind turbine designs. Urban Turbines is poised to bring the wind industry into the main stream by creating new high demand markets. Phone: 267.247.2519 Founder and CEO, D. Dan Martino, College of Engineering ’09

The Voice of Your Customer

The Voice of Your Customer is a marketing firm that assists clients to penetrate niche markets using survey research, focus groups, secret shopping, business training, and media campaigns. Selecting the right marketing firm to engage hard to reach markets and underserved populations can transition your results from good to great! The Voice of Your Customer designs customized marketing programs that offer instant information regarding the experiences, preferences and behaviors of niche markets, allowing business leaders to immediately implement desired objectives.

The Voice of Your Customer operates with full and part time employees, subcontractors and strategic partners in the US, the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa. Our client list includes government agencies; non-profit organizations; family owned businesses; corporations; and educational institutions. Our research and training facilities, call center, and community partnerships enable us to assist our clients to create raving fans and to increase profitability by improving employee retention, establishing industry recognition, and building a competitive advantage. Located in a federally qualified HUB Zone in Cincinnati, Ohio, The Voice of Your Customer holds the following certifications: 8(A), MBE, WBE, SBE and DBE. For outstanding achievements, The Voice of Your Customer was named a 2009 National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) National Supplier of the Year.

Watchmen Property Management/Konkrete Investments

Watchmen Properties is a Philadelphia-based, privately owned boutique real estate firm providing contemporary off-campus living solutions for college students. By rehabilitating distressed properties within quick walking distance of Temple University, Watchmen Property Management is revitalizing the community while also running a sustainable business – Temple entrepreneurship at its best! Konkrete Investments, the property acquisition and development division, routinely provides outstanding ROI for its investors. Under its former name, Pitbull Development, the company was the grand prize winner at the 2009 Be Your Own Boss Bowl®, Temple’s annual business plan competition, and is the Spring 2010 Temple Accelerator Program (TAP) company. To rent an apartment or speak about investment, please call 267.340.3973 or check out our Facebook page (under Pitbull Development). Founder and CEO: Shawn Bullard, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management ‘05

Web Talent Marketing | Internet Marketing Company & Web Design

Web Talent Marketing is a full-service Internet marketing company that offers cutting-edge web marketing services to clients across the globe. Unlike most web marketing companies, Web Talent Marketing’s philosophy is different. We combine solutions such as search engine optimization, pay-per-click management and social media marketing with award-winning creative design services and development that deliver targeted, performance-driven Internet marketing strategies. In addition to providing full implementation of our Internet marketing services, Web Talent Marketing also offers customized Internet marketing consulting as well as SEO training for in-house marketing departments. Our Lancaster SEO and design experts stand ready to provide fully customized search marketing services for any size marketing campaign. How does your Internet marketing company compare? Take a few minutes and find out by contacting us to receive a free (no obligation) SEO analysis by one of our consultants. is the answer to your start-up and small business needs. We bring a variety of free how-to guides and articles that will help you step by step on getting your business successfully up and running. We also provide a wide selection of low priced small business tools, documents, and business resource. We understand what it means to start a business from ground up. That is why we have made it our main principle. If you are an entrepreneur working on your startup and expense is not an option, Contact us, we would love to help you grow! Mission: Our mission is to empower creativity, innovation, and illumination; hard workers.