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With plans to implement more than 70 programs to improve U.S. competitiveness in the world marketplace and to produce globally competent students, faculty and staff, Temple University’s Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) has been renewed for another funding cycle.

Temple CIBER is one of only 33 such centers in the country. This year marks the third time Temple CIBER at the Fox School has received a grant from the Department of Education since the center’s inception in 2002.

“This grant enables us to support IB research, particularly by our junior faculty in the business school, and also provides opportunities for our undergraduates and graduates to participate in short-term study abroad programs,” said Arvind Phatak, Temple CIBER’s founder. “We have been one of the most active CIBERs, and we intend to continue that trend.”

In addition to India and Ghana, Temple CIBER will explore expanding its short-term study abroad programming in emerging markets to include Vietnam, Brazil and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Collaboration with other CIBER schools offers faculty development programs in international business in MENA, enhancing efforts by Temple CIBER to add new programming and expertise in that region.

Temple CIBER furthers its outreach to the business community through seminars and lecture series, as well as with certificate programs and the annual International Business Research Forum.

Temple CIBER intends to continue its partnership with the World Affairs Council to expose some 2,500 students in the region to global economic and political issues, primarily through model United Nations and Global Economic Forum programs hosted at the Fox School’s Alter Hall.

Temple CIBER is also working to spread its resources to minority-serving educational institutions to improve the international business knowledge of faculty and students and to embed international business in curriculum. The internalization effort is growing through partnerships with the Community College of Philadelphia and Lincoln University, the oldest historically black college in the nation.

“The renewal of this prestigious grant continues to affirm the Fox School’s vital role in producing cutting-edge international business research, promoting international ideas within our community and fostering worldwide learning among our students and faculty,” said Fox School Dean M. Moshe Porat. “Once again, the Fox School and Temple are being recognized as destinations for global engagement.”

Philadelphia is the only city in the United States to host two CIBERs – the center housed at the Fox School and the Penn Lauder CIBER at the University of Pennsylvania. Along with Florida and California, Pennsylvania is one of only three states with three CIBERs. The other CIBER in Pennsylvania is at the University of Pittsburgh.