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Asian Business and Society

With the globalization of companies and industries, students in business disciplines must have the knowledge, tools, and skills to function in a multinational and multicultural environment. As firms disperse their operations in various regions of the world, managers will be obliged to interact and conduct business in diverse economic and political environments, and with peoples of the world who are culturally and linguistically different. Therefore, managers must have competencies in three core areas: Business functions, Foreign language(s), and Area Studies Knowledge of the political, legal, social cultural, and economic environment of a geographic region of the world.

Asia is a dominant player in world markets. Eleven of the top 50 countires that export merchandise are in Asia, as well as ten of the top 50 countries in the commercial services industry. Asia is the largest trading partner of the U.S., with five of the U.S.’s top 15 trading partners located in Asia (Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore).Total trade in the year 2007 with these five countries alone amounted to over $700 billion. Its peoples account for three-fifths of the world’s population; in 2006, Asia had an estimated four billion inhabitants.

This interdisciplinary certificate gives both business and non-business students the opportunity to study business in the Asian context through required courses in the Fox School of business, the Asian Studies Department, as well as an Asian foreign language and a variety of electives to choose from in several disciplines. The certificate will be noted on a student’s transcript.

Course Requirements: Undergraduate Bulletin