The Power of Career Services

In 2012, 93.3% of students utilizing the Center for Student Professional Development's (CSPD) resources reported receiving full-time job offers.

Kant Khatri – Senior, Actuarial Science

“The best advice I can give is get involved, and get involved in depth versus breadth. A lot of people try to get involved in a lot of activities – and that’s good, to test the waters – but by the time your sophomore year rolls around, get involved in one particular club and take on a leadership role because that’s where you form the connections and community that will help you in the future.”

Stephen Simmons – Sophomore, Risk Management

“Temple is a very good school for a really good price. That was a big influence in my decision. I felt you got the most value for what you’re spending. I wanted a large, urban school. Temple definitely fits the build. I also like how Temple prepares you for being a business professional outside of just a classroom.”

Jeniffer Singley – BBA Alumni 2013, Marketing

 “I learned a lot in both of my internship experiences. My first, with the Philadelphia Flyers, helped me determine that I may not, as I had previously thought, want to go into sports marketing. And then when I started interning at United By Blue, I realized I wanted a job with more meaning besides just selling or marketing a product.”

Alexandra Rutt - Junior, Marketing

"A really amazing experience for me was the first Marketing and Supply Chain Management Department event I went to. It was a networking event and it was my first time meeting actual employers. I was so nervous, but once you get into the groove of it you realize they can teach you so much. I was asked for an interview for a summer internship at Burlington at that event. Networking isn’t that difficult; everyone’s really nice. You just have to be confident. And that’s how I set up my entire summer from that – going to that event for 20 minutes."

The Power of Networking

There are over 20 Student Professional Organizations at Fox, with nearly 2,000 students enjoying membership in these groups. The Fox SPOs give our students all-important networking opportunities.

Silas Adams

Junior, Finance and Risk Management "As President of Temple Veterans Association I like to meet and hear the stories of the 650-plus veterans who call Temple University their home."

Summer Owls Leadership Experience for High School Students
Summer Owls Leadership Experience is for rising high school juniors and seniors from July 13 through August 2, 2014

Bachelor of Business Administration


Learning Goals

The four main learning goals of the BBA program seek to assure students will:

  1. Understand critical business concepts.
  2. Apply critical thinking to business problems.
  3. Demonstrate effective oral and written communication.
  4. Understand the ethical, legal, and social responsibilities of individuals and organizations.

Specific learning objectives include:

  1. Understand critical business concepts

    1. Apply a core body of discipline-specific knowledge to business situations.
    2. Recognize the competitive and operational role of organizational information systems.
    3. Apply quantitative analysis and interpretation to business problems.
  2. Apply critical thinking to business problems

    1. Interpret an enterprise-wide case study and recommend solutions.
    2. Use cross-disciplinary knowledge to identify problems and their causes, generate alternative solutions, and arrive at reasoned conclusions.
    3. Use information technology to analyze and implement business decisions.
  3. Demonstrate effective oral and written communication

    1. Formulate reasoned arguments orally.
    2. Formulate reasoned arguments in written communication.
    3. Apply team-work and communication skills to present and support conclusions.
  4. Understand the ethical, legal, and social responsibilities of individuals and organizations.

    1. Understand ethical issues.
    2. Assess the impact of managers and employees as agents, including the impact of their decisions on the organization, its stockholders, its employees, its customers and the community-at-large.
    3. Apply stakeholder analysis to social and business issues and consider and evaluate possible conflicts of interests.

Download BBA Curriculum Map pdf

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