Immersion & Leadership

Fox Immersion Program

The Fox Immersion Program is a student engagement initiative at Fox that is aimed at strengthening the participants skill sets through four different participation levels. Each level focuses on a specific theme with freshmen focusing on getting involved at Temple University and the Fox School of Business, sophomores concentrating on professional development, juniors serving the community, and seniors taking leadership roles with the program and school. Students’ participation events is recorded and the top participants are rewarded with an opportunity that will embody the theme of that particular level of the program. The program events are advertised through the Fox Blackboard Communities and weekly email blasts. Students may also check their point totals through Blackboard’s My Grades function. Please visit your Fox Blackboard Community for more information. Questions or concerns can be directed to Kate Rickards.

Upcoming Fox Immersion Program Events

Please check back soon for our next event.

Leadership Development and Community Service Opportunities

For many Fox students, professional growth begins when they join one of the school’s Student Professional Organizations (SPO). The Fox School boasts at least one SPO for every major and more than 20 active SPOs in total. The SPOs give Fox undergraduates a place to learn and hone their soft skills – such as teamwork, leadership and networking. These soft skills are a vital part in the toolkit of success that Fox seeks to help every student develop in their time here.

Another primary activity of SPOs is to deliver industry-related speakers. These are people who work for the firms that want to hire Fox School students. Guest speakers provide students with practical knowledge and examples from the real world. Fox students combine these practical examples with the theory learned in the classroom to develop a well-rounded understanding of their chosen career path.

Many of the Fox School’s SPOs have been recognized for national and international excellence by their peers and parent organizations, creating high demand for those who are members and leaders of these student groups.

In addition to SPOs, the Fox School’s Immersion Program is one of the first activities a new student can join. This tiered program encourages student involvement in professional development, community service and leadership, among other areas. Participation is tracked, and the highest-achieving students receive a variety of recognitions and rewards.