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Tuition & Fees


Each year, tuition rates for the subsequent academic year are announced by the Board of Trustees. Rate changes will be posted when official announcements are made in June. Students make tuition payments to Temple University at the beginning of each semester.

See current tuition and fee information from the Office of the Bursar, or view as a PDF file.

Please note that in addition to university-wide tuition and fees, the The program fee for MSIM, MSFE and MSFA-RM programs is $750.

Indirect (Personal) Expenses

Personal expenses – housing, utilities, food, books, personal travel – vary from student to student and can be expected to total $1,500-$2,000/month, depending on choices for accommodation and individual lifestyle.

(Optional) Professional Exams

Students may pursue CFA® and/or FRM exams during their graduate studies: