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Department of Strategic Management


Strategic Management

Strategic Management is home to three areas of study: Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management & International Business. Students studying in these areas learn how to start their own businesses and to formulate corporate and business level strategies.

Undergraduate students can major or minor in entrepreneurship. MBA students can major in Strategic Management. SGM Ph.D. students can specialize in Strategic Management.

Undergraduate students majoring in entrepreneurship are encouraged to become involved in a student organization while completing their studies.

Entrepreneurial Student Association (ESA) in connection with Students In Free Enterprise helps its students towards their goal of becoming entrepreneurs. For more information on ESA please visit their web site.

The International Business major design enables students to develop an understanding of the various functional areas of international business while preparing for positions in the government, global corporations, or international public institutions. Necessary skills are developed through specialized international courses in economics, finance, management, HR, law, marketing, and accounting.

The SGM department is also responsible for the capstone strategic management courses that integrate the business degree programs at both the undergraduate and MBA levels. These courses- BA 950 and BA 4196 are critical to the overall objectives of the Fox School.