Department of Statistical Science

The Department of Statistics, which is located in the University’s Fox School of Business and Management, has 15 full-time graduate faculty members and about forty graduate students in its Master’s and Ph.D. programs.

Research Areas

Bayesian/Empirical Bayesian Statistics


Experimental Design

High Dimensional Statistics

Multiple Testing

Nonparametric Statistics for Small and Big Data

Statistical Applications

Statistical Computing

Time Series Analysis

The Fox School’s Department of Statistics faculty is outstanding. Eight are elected Fellows of the American Statistical Association; five are elected members of the International Statistical Institute, three are Fellows of the Royal Statistical Society, and two are Fellows of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. They publish extensively in a variety of areas: biostatistics and survival analysis; categorical data analysis; time series; nonparametric statistics; multiple testing, Bayesian methods, statistical genetics, big data dimension reduction, data mining, computational statistics; design of experiments; statistical graphics; bioequivalence studies;; statistical software design; and nonlinear mixed effect models. A list below of their books on advanced topics is a reflection of their expertise and varied interests.

In addition to several others, four faculty members have been awarded National Science Foundation research grants.

Books by Statistics Faculty

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