Department of Statistical Science

The Department of Statistics, which is located in the University’s Fox School of Business and Management, has 15 full-time graduate faculty members and about forty graduate students in its Master’s and Ph.D. programs.

Selected PhD Graduates

Listed are Department PhD graduates that satisfy at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Fellow of ASA
  2. Editor or Associate Editor of refereed Statistics Journal
  3. Author or coauthor of advanced level statistics book
  4. Executive Director or up in industry
  5. Department chair or up in academia
  6. Similar executive position in government
  7. Faculty at PhD granting university (Fair number of PhD granting departments, exclude Temple University except if graduate has tenure)
  8. At least 15 publications in refereed journals

Department of Statistics PhD directors, in sequence, starting from 1971.

  1. Boris Iglewicz
  2. Jagbir Singh
  3. Richard Heiberger
  4. Dirk Moore
  5. Francis Hsuan
  6. Woollcott Smith
  7. Sanat K. Sarkar
  8. Jagbir Singh
  9. Robert Krafty
  10. William W.S. Wei

The publication codes are partially based on Google Scholar. These are not ranked by importance.

* – 15 to 100 refereed publications

** – Over 100 to 200 refereed publications

*** – Over 200 refereed publications

# – At least 25 papers, each with over 100 citations

! – At least one paper with over 1,000 citations

Stan Altan (Advisor: Jagbir Singh)
Senior Director and Janssen Fellow,
Janssen Pharmaceutical R&D, Raritan, NJ
Fellow of ASA
Advanced Books (coauthored) Statistical Methods in Food and Consumer Research, Recent Advances in Experimental Design, Nova Science Publishers.
Associate Editor Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics, and Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research.
Publications *

Jay Bennett (Advisors: Jagbir Singh and John Flueck)
Mathematical Statistician
Federal Communications Commission, Washington, DC
Fellow of ASA
Advanced Text (coauthored) Curve Ball, Springer

Robert J. Boik (Advisor: Francis Hsuan)
Professor Emeritus of Statistics
Montana State University
Fellow of ASA
Editorial board of Psychological Methods, served as Associate Editor of Psychometrika and Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics.
Publications *

Wai-Sum Chan (Advisor: William Wei)
Professor of Finance, CUHK School of Business
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (USA)
Co-editor, North American Actuarial Journal
Advanced Text: Financial Mathematics for Actuaries, McGraw-Hill.

Alexandra Carides (Advisor: Boris Iglewicz)
Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics
Temple University
Publications *

Aloka G. Chakravarty (Advisor: Sanat Sarkar)
Director, Division of Biometrics VII
Center for Drug Evaluation and Research
US Food and Drug Administration
Fellow of ASA
Advanced books (book chapters)

Inna Chervoneva (Advisor: Boris Iglewicz)
Associate Professor of Biostatistics
Jefferson Medical College
Thomas Jefferson University
Publications *

Siu hung Cheung (Advisor: Sanat K. Sarkar)
Department of Statistics,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, HK
Publications *

Kimberly L. DeWoody (Advisor: Damaraju Raghavarao)
Vice President, Johnson & Johnson
Publications *, !

Brenda Gillespie (Advisor: Boris Iglewicz)
Research Associate Professor of Biostatistics
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Associate Director, Center for Statistical Consultation and Research (CSCAR)
Publications ***, #

Alexandra Hanlon (Advisor: Dirk Moore)
Research Associate Professor of Biostatistics
School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania
Publications ***, #

Joseph Heyse (Advisor: William Wei)
Vice President, Merck & Co.
Fellow of ASA
Served as Founding Editor, Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research, an ASA Publication
Publications *, !

Theresa (Terry) Hyslop (Advisor: Boris Iglewicz)
Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
Duke University
Head, Biostatistics, Duke Cancer Institute
Statistics Advisor, Nature Magazine
Publications **, !

Qi Jiang (Advisors: Boris Iglewicz and Steven Snapinn)
Executive Director, Amgen
Fellow of ASA
Associate Editor, Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research, an ASA publication.
Publications *

Nazeer Khan (Advisor: Sanat Sarkar)
Director of Research
Professor of Biostatistics
Dow University of Health Sciences
Editor: Journal of Dow University of Health Sciences
Vice President: Eastern Mediterranean Association of Medical Editors

John Kwagyan, PhD (Advisor: Sanat Sarkar)
Co-Director, Design, Biostatistics & Population Studies,
Georgetown-Howard U Center for Clinical & Translation Science (GHUCCTS)
Howard University College of Medicine
Publications, *

Koon Shing Kwong (Advisor: Boris Iglewicz)
Education Professor of Statistics
Singapore Management University
Publications *

Jorge Martinez (Advisor: Boris Iglewicz)
Retired. Served as Chair, Department of
Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science,
Then Dean of Science, and later
Vice President of Faculty (Provost)
National University of Colombia, Bogota

John I McCool (Advisor: Jagbir Singh)
Distinguished Professor of Systems Engineering
Penn State University (Great Valley)
Fellow, American Society for Quality
Advanced Text: Using the Weibull Distribution: Reliability, Modeling and Inference, Wiley
Publications *

Radha A Railkar (Advisor: Boris Iglewicz and Devan Mehrotra)
Senior Principal Scientist, Biostatistics
Merck Research Laboratories
Publications *, !

Dror Rom (Advisor: Sanat Sarkar)
President, Prosoft Software, Inc.
Advanced Book (coauthor), Multiple Comparisons and
Multiple Tests Using the SAS System, SAS

Eric A Ross (Advisor: Dirk Moore)
Assistant Vice President of Biometrics and Information Sciences
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Associate Research Professor
Temple University
Publications **

Bruce Schneider (Advisor: Robert Clickner)
Chairman of the Board and CEO
Omni Bio Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Previous Position, Senior Vice President Pfizer Global R & D
And Chief of Operations, Wyeth

Delray Schultz (Advisor: Milton Parnes)
Chair, Department of Mathematics
Millersville University
Publications, **, #, !

Daniel Stram (Advisor: William Wei)
Professor, Division of Biostatistics, School of Medicine
University of Southern California
Fellow of ASA
Advanced Text: Design, Analysis, and Interpretation of Genome-wide Association Studies, Springer
Publications***, #, !

Ram Shanmugam (Advisor: Jagbir Singh)
Professor of Statistics, Texas State University
Elected member, International Statistical Institute
Editor (Book Review) Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, Editor American Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Associate Editor of Journal of Critical Care, International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, International Journal of Research in Nursing, International Journal of Statistics and Systems.
Publications **

Frank Shen (Advisor: Boris Iglewicz)
Vice President, Data and Statistical Sciences,
Global Pharmaceutical R&D, Abbvie, Inc.
Fellow of ASA
Publications *

Keith A. Soper (Advisor: Alan Izenman)
Executive Director, Biometrics section
Merck Research Laboratories
Fellow of ASA
Publications *

Charles Tan (Advisor: Boris Iglewicz)
Director Biostatistics, Pfizer
Winner, W. J. Youden Award, ASA
Publications *

Paulo Teles (Adviser: William W.S. Wei)
Director, the National Statistical Institute (2001-04) Porto University, Portugal
Faculty of the School of Economics , the University of Porto, Portugal

Ying Wan, PhD. (Advisors: Boris Iglewicz and Keaven Anderson)
Associate Director, Oncology Biostatistics
Janssen Research & Developement
Publications *

Ceylan Yogatligil (Adviser: William W.S. Wei)
Faculty and Vice Chair of Statistics Department at METU (Middle East Technical University), Ankara, Turkey

Brian Wiens (Advisor: Boris Iglewicz)
Head of Biostatistics, Portola Pharmaceuticals
Fellow of ASA
Advanced book (coauthor), Design and Analysis of Non-Inferiority Trials, Chapman & Hall
Associate Editor, Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research, an ASA Publication
Publications *

Krish Ghosh (Advisor: Richard Heiberger)
Vice President of Informatics, Covance
Previous Position, Vice President, Global Resource Management, Covance; Director Wyeth; Manager, Bristol Myer Squibb; Assistant Professor, Univ. of Michigan and Univ. of Montana