Department of Statistical Science

The Department of Statistics, which is located in the University’s Fox School of Business and Management, has 15 full-time graduate faculty members and about forty graduate students in its Master’s and Ph.D. programs.

MS in Statistics

Program Description

The primary purpose of the graduate programs leading to the M.S. degree in Statistics is to educate broadly-based statisticians in the theory and methods of statistics towards successful applications of statistical tools to immediate and specific problems which arise in virtually every area of societal and scientific endeavors. The successful practice of statistics will require substantial competence in the theory of statistics, a sound knowledge of statistical methodology, and statistical computing. Hence students are expected to pursue a program appropriately balanced between theory and methods. The Department maintains the highest standards of academic and professional excellence.

Please note, the M.S. program in Statistics will not be accepting applications for the Spring 2016 semester.

Mathematical Prerequisites

The programs require competence in advanced calculus, at least 3 undergraduate calculus courses and a course in linear algebra Applicants admitted with a deficient background must remove it prior to starting the first year of study. Additional math courses may be advised to students aspiring to gain strong statistics theory foundation if they would be interested in pursuing the Ph.D. program.


The Master of Science degree requires completion of minimum ten graduate-level courses amounting to 30 semester hours of credits in theory and methods of statistics. Included in the 10 courses, are 4 core courses, which may be met in one of the following two ways.

  1. Stat 8001 (theory) and Stat 8003 (methods) in fall and Stat 8002 (theory) and Stat 8004 (methods) in spring. Or,
  2. Stat 8112 (statistics theory) and Stat 8003 in fall and Stat 8101 (probability and stochastic processes) and Stat 8004 in spring.

Note: Option 2 is for the MS degree students only who are likely to benefit more from a statistics theory course taught at a lower mathematical level than that of sequence Stat 8001-8002 which is oriented towards the Ph.D. program. Should students following Option 2 eventually decide to pursue the Ph.D. program, they will then be asked to enroll in Stat 8001-8002 sequence to meet the Ph.D. program requirements. MS degree student who choose Option 1, have the responsibility to learn the statistical theory sequence Stat 8001-8002 at a level it is taught.

Six electives may all be from the list of statistics courses or a couple of them, with approval of the program director, can be from allied disciplines having statistical applications.

Students may apply for transfer of a maximum up to six semester hours of prior graduate courses in statistics. In all cases, at least 24 semester hours of graduate-level courses must be taken at Temple University. To remain in good academic standing, students must not have more than two grades below B- or more than one failing grade F. They must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.

The MS in statistics has no thesis or foreign language or core exam requirements. All students are advised to attend departmental seminars.

For more details contact:

Dr. Cheng Yong Tang
Title: Professor and Director of the Graduate Program
Office: Speakman Hall 337
Phone: 215.204.3191