Department of Risk, Insurance, & Healthcare Management


The PhD concentration in Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) prepares students for academic careers at research universities. As a department, we encourage students to utilize research methodologies emphasizing finance and economics.  Our research focus has benefited our students in the job market, leading to their research appointments at universities such as California State University, the University of Florida, National Taiwan University, Fudan University, and the Korean Institute of Finance.

The department has 18 full-time faculty members whose research focuses on a variety of topics within risk management. These include productivity and efficiency of insurance firms, insurance regulation, enterprise risk management, and actuarial modeling. Our department is also conducting leading research on systemic risk and the inter-relationships among financial services firms. Faculty research is published in many leading journals such as the Journal of Risk and Insurance, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, and the Journal of Financial Intermediation.

To assist in student research, the department of Risk Management and Insurance has access to numerous databases containing extensive economic and financial data. In addition to the usual business databases available through sources such as WRDS, the RMI program maintains extensive databases relating to risk management and insurance research. Among the available datasets are twenty years of National Association of Insurance Commissioners annual statement data on U.S. life and property-casualty insurance companies, worldwide data on operational risk events, and data on credit default swap prices of banks and insurance companies.

All students admitted to our program are given full financial support. Funding typically comes in the form of a research assistantship and includes full tuition and a competitive stipend for at least four years. Students who apply before the admissions deadline will also be considered for Temple’s prestigious university fellowships, based on adequate progress and yearly evaluations. The RMI department also makes funding available for the acquisition of additional research databases.

More information on the Fox School’s PhD program can be found on the PhD Website.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact:

Professor Hua Chen
Risk Management and Insurance Concentration Advisor
Ph.D. Program
Phone: (215) 205-5905