3 + 1 Program

Temple University offers students at the Fox School of Business the opportunity to earn a BBA in Marketing in 3 years instead of 4 years. The program can be completed within 6 full semesters and two summer sessions (both 1 and 2, depending on course availability). Due to the rigorousness of the schedule, students who are interested in the program must have a 3.0 GPA to apply for the program.

The following tables organize and condense GenEd, marketing, and general business courses into a 3-year track. These tables also space out marketing and business courses with prerequisites and workload feasibility in mind.

Year 1

SemesterCourse NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
FallECON 1101Macroeconomics3
ENG 0802/0812/0902Analytical Reading & Writing4
HRM 1101Leadership & Organizational Management3
STAT 1001Quantitative Foundations for Business3
GenEdGenEd Breadth Course3
Semester 1 Credit Hours Subtotal:16
SpringACCT 2101Financial Accounting3
ECON 1102Microeconomics3
MIS 2101Information Systems in Organizations3
MKTG 2101Marketing Management3
STAT 1102Calculus for Business3
Semester 2 Credit Hours Subtotal:15
Summer (Sessions 1 and 2)LGLS 1101Legal Environment of Business3
MKTG 3596Consumer & Buyer Behavior3
STAT 2103Business Statistical Methods & Concepts4
IH 0851Mosaic: Humanities Seminar I3
Semester 3 Credit Hours Subtotal:13
Year 1 Total Credit Hours:44

Year 2

SemesterCourse NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
FallACCT 2102Managerial Accounting3
BA 2101Professional Development Strategies1
BA 2196Business Communications3
MIS 2501Enterprise IT Architecture3
MTKG 3511Marketing Research3
GenEdGenEd Breadth Course3
Semester 1 Credit Hours Subtotal:17
SpringFIN 3101Financial Management3
MIS 2502Data Analytics3
MSOM 3101Operations Management3
MKTGMarketing Elective3
IH 0852Mosaic: Humanities Seminar II3
GenEdGenEd Breadth Course3
Semester 2 Credit Hours Subtotal:18
Summer (Sessions 1 and 2)RMI 2101Introduction to Risk Management & Insurance3
MKTG 3581 (recommended)Marketing Elective - Marketing Internship/Co-op Experience (recommended)3
Semester 3 Credit Hours Subtotal:6
Year 2 Total Credit Hours:41

Year 3

SemesterCourse NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
FallBA 3102Business Society and Ethics3
BA 3103Integrative Business Applications3
MKTG 3507Direct Marketing3
MKTG 3553International Marketing3
GenEdGenEd Breadth Course3
GenEdGenEd Breadth Course3
Semester 1 Credit Hours Subtotal:18
SpringBA 4101Global Business Policies3
MIS 3538Social Media Innovation3
MKTG 3508Digital Marketing3
MKTG 3509Customer Data Analytics3
GenEdGenEd Breadth Course3
GenEdGenEd Breadth Course3
Semester 2 Credit Hours Subtotal:18
SummerMTKG 4501Marketing Strategy3
Semester 3 Credit Hours Subtotal:3
Year 3 Total Credit Hours:39