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The Fox School’s Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management (MSCM) is a leader in marketing research and practice.

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The Fox School’s Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management (MSCM) is a leader in marketing research and practice. MSCM offers industry-focused course sequences for undergraduate students as well as four different graduate degrees to prepare students to be leaders in areas such as Digital Marketing, Analytics, Consumer Insights, Sales Force Effectiveness, and Supply Chain Management.

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BBA in Marketing

Organizations of all sizes today must develop effective marketing strategies to reach customers who will buy their products and services. MSCM offers several different course sequences for Fox School students. Marketing majors can either do a general Marketing degree, or focus their studies through one of MSCM’s three industry-focused course sequences. MSCM also offers two minor programs for all Fox students and an accelerated course sequence for motivated students wanting to complete their degrees in less than four years.

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BBA in Supply Chain Management

In the Fall of 2015, Supply Chain will be introduced as a new major and minor within the MSCM department. Supply Chain is an emerging field and professionals are in demand. Students can explore different aspects of Supply Chain such as logistics, procurement, materials management, transportation, and operations. More information on the Supply Chain Management major and minor will be available upon the fall.

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MBA in Marketing

The Fox School’s MBA program provides students with a breadth of business knowledge and skills. Students in the Global MBA or Professional MBA (part time) programs may specialize their degrees by taking a concentration in Marketing Management. The MBA in Marketing emphasizes managing and analyzing marketing data to inform strategic and tactical decisions. Students will also look at current marketing issues, such as digital marketing strategies.

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Specialized Masters Program

MSCM offers two Master of Science degrees in Marketing Communications and Consumer Insights. In these two programs, students engage in higher level theories and practices of marketing promotion and management and marketing research methods and data analysis. These programs are designed such that regardless of previous business experience, prospective students can pursue a graduate degree in Marketing.

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PhD in Marketing

MSCM offers a PhD program for students pursuing careers as professors at top universities or marketing industry experts. MSCM is dedicated to encouraging the development of new marketing scholars and experts. MSCM doctoral students conduct research with their faculty mentors as well as within MSCM’s research centers. They have also published in journals such as the Journal of Marketing and Management Science.

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