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The Department of Legal Studies is now offering a new course called "Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and the Law" that explores cutting edge legal issues. This course is part of the Gen. Ed. Program. For more information, please visit us in Alter Hall A408.

Department of Legal Studies in Business


Legal Studies in Business


You may be wondering about going to law school, or you may be considering a career in business – perhaps building your own business is your dream. Whatever your career goals, an understanding of how the legal system works, and how it impacts on every business decision, can be essential to your success.

Becoming an Attorney

A major in Legal Studies offers a unique and effective route to law school. You will receive hands-on training in how to read cases and statutes, how to do legal research, and how to make a legal argument – exactly the kinds of skills you will use in law school. And through membership in our national law fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta, you will benefit from networking opportunities reaching across the Delaware Valley and beyond.

Becoming a Business Professional

Law impacts every business transaction. Whether you start a company, hire an employee, manufacture a product, or negotiate a contract – at every stage of your work you will deal with decisions that have major legal implications. The Department of Legal Studies will help you identify the legal issues that impact the business world, and will assist you in learning how to deal with these considerations effectively.

Consumer Confidence

The law affects every aspect of our life. Whether you are buying an automobile, leasing an apartment, or thinking about insurance, you will benefit from the courses offered in the Department on a daily basis. In fact, the program is so rich in offerings that students may take courses with topics ranging from the law of E-Commerce to sports law.

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