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Department of Human Resource Management


Interdisciplinary Ph.D.

Recent HRM Ph.D. Graduates
Current HRM Ph.D. Students 


Program Overview

The Ph.D. program in Organization and Human Resources is designed to develop outstanding scholars for careers in research and teaching in these fields at leading universities.

We seek students of high intellectual ability whose scholarly objectives fit well with the current research topics and activities of area faculty. Our program is characterized by productive research collaborations between doctoral students and faculty, and our goal is to build students’ resumes so that at graduation, they are highly competitive on the academic job market.


Program Requirements

The program of study includes three foundational courses (BA 9001, BA 9002 & BA 9003), a two-course sequence in statistics and research methods (Stat 8112 & Stat 8113), four upper-level courses in organizational behavior and human resource management (HRM 9001, HRM 9002, HRM 9003, HRM 9004), and three upper-level seminars in other business disciplines, economics, statistics, psychology or sociology as chosen by the student in consultation with a faculty advisor. In addition to formal course work, students complete:

  • A research paper presented at a national or regional conference by the end of the fifth semester in the program
  • A preliminary examination in statistics
  • A comprehensive paper requirement
  • An oral dissertation proposal defense
  • A final dissertation defense.

Students should complete course work within four semesters, and spend the remainder of the program working on their comprehensive exam, dissertation and other research projects.

The program is designed to be completed in four to five years. Students must be enrolled full time.


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