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Department of Finance


Real Estate Major

Forrest Huffman, Ph.D.

Office: Alter Hall 432


The real estate major is designed to provide an educational foundation for students interested in learning about real estate and real estate markets and/or pursuing careers in real estate.  Traditional career paths include real estate investment and financial analysis, real estate financing and mortgage lending, real estate appraisal and valuation, property management, residential and commercial brokerage and marketing, and corporate real estate analysis.

Core competencies to be developed include the ability to analyze real estate investment opportunities from investor and lender perspectives, conduct asset and risk assessments and implement risk management strategies, understand the dynamics of real estate markets, and develop an understanding of the legal framework surrounding real estate ownership, title transfer, and the regulatory and legal requirements, including agency obligations, common in real estate transactions.

All real estate-interested students are encouraged to participate in the Temple University  real estate student professional organization, TREO.  Real estate majors are eligible for various professional and university scholarships, including the program’s E. Fred Kemner Award.


Summary of Requirements

University Requirements  

All students starting in the 2013-2014 academic year and beyond are required to complete the university’s General Education (GenEd) curriculum.

College Requirements

Students must meet College Graduation Requirements, including the requirements of the major listed below. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA overall and a 2.0 GPA in the major to graduate. Use the major GPA calculator at to calculate the GPA in the major.

Major Requirements for new students

Suggested Sequence for new students


Please visit the below links to see the requirements and suggested sequence based on your incoming class year:








Accelerated 3 year BBA

Motivated students can accelerate their BBA program to finish in 3 years. Please see the suggested sequence.