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Department of Finance


Finance Major

Howard Keen
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
e-mail: hkeen@temple.edu
phone: 215-204-5990


Finance plays a central role in the operation of the economy and is at the heart of the resource allocation system. Individuals often come in contact with financial instruments (money, stocks, bonds, etc.) and financial institutions and need to understand the role of the financial system in managing their lifetime financial portfolio.

Finance majors typically have one of four career objectives: (1) a position in the finance department of a business firm; (2) a position in a financial institution such as a bank, investment bank, or mutual fund; (3) a career in the area of financial investments; and (4) a position with a government or non-profit organization.

Finance majors are encouraged to become involved in the Financial Management Association/National Honor Society (FMA/NHS). This student professional organization offers students the opportunity to meet business leaders in the financial industry, hosts career development seminars, and maintains a résumé book. The Financial Management Association is open to all business majors. To join the National Honor Society division of this organization, students must meet admission requirements. For more information, please contact the FMA executive officers at 215-204-6673.


Summary of Requirements

University Requirements
All new students starting in the 2010-2011 academic year and beyond are required to complete the university’s General Education (GenEd) curriculum.
College Requirements
Students must meet College Graduation Requirements, including the requirements of the major listed below. Students must attain an overall GPA of 2.0 and a 2.0 GPA in the major to graduate as a Finance major. Use the major GPA calculator at www.fox.temple.edu/advising to calculate the GPA in the major.
Major Requirements for new students
Suggested Sequence for new students


Requirements of Finance Major

Suggested Sequence for new students

DepartmentCourse #Course NameHoursRCI
Finance3504^Intermediate Corporate3
Finance3551^International Finance3
Select one of the following: 3
Finance4596^^Seminar in Financial Management3
Finance3596^^, ^^^Owl Fund Seminar II3
Select two of the following: 9
Finance3505^Management of Financial Institutions
Finance3508^Fixed Income
Finance3509^Real Estate Investment & Finance
Finance3512^Financial Modeling
Finance3513^Financial Statement Analysis
Finance3571^, ^^^^Owl Fund Seminar I
^ Prerequisite of Finance 3101
^^ Prerequisite of Finance 3504 and Finance 3507
^^^ Prerequisite of Finance 3571
^^^^ Prerequisite of Finance 3504 or Finance 3507. Requires instructor’s permission.

Suggested Sequence of Finance Major

Please note that this sequence is suggested only, ensuring prerequisites are met. Students’ academic sequences may differ based on individual academic plans.

Semester I – Fall
DepartmentCourse #Course NameHoursRCI
Statistics1001Pre-Calculus for Business3
Economics1101Macroeconomic Principles3
HR MGMT1101Organization & Management3
English0802, 0812 or 0902Analytical Reading & Writing4GW
GenEd08xx or 09xxGenEd Breadth Course3
Semester II – Spring
DepartmentCourse #Course NameHoursRCI
Statistics1102Calculus for Business3
Economics1102Microeconomic Principles3
LAW S.B.M.1101Legal Environment of Business3
IH0851 or 0951Mosaic: Humanities Seminar I3GY
GenEd08xx or 09xxGenEd Breadth Course3-4
Semester III – Fall
DepartmentCourse #Course NameHoursRCI
Statistics2103Business Statistics {waives GenEd GQ requirement}4
Accounting2101Financial Accounting3
MIS2101Information Systems in Organizations3
IH0852 or 0952Mosaic: Humanities Seminar II3GZ
GenEd08xx or 09xxGenEd Breadth Course3
Semester IV – Spring
DepartmentCourse #Course NameHoursRCI
Accounting2102Managerial Accounting3
Finance3101Financial Management3
BUS ADM2101Professional Development Strategies1
BUS ADM2196Business Communications3WI
RSK MGT2101Introduction to Risk Management3
GenEd08xx or 09xxGenEd Breadth Course3
Semester V – Fall
DepartmentCourse #Course NameHoursRCI
Finance3504 / 3507Intermediate Corporate Finance or Investments3
MSOM3101Operations Management3
BUS ADM3102Business Society & Ethics3
Marketing2101Marketing Management3
GenEd08xx or 09xxGenEd Breadth Course3
Semester VI – Spring
DepartmentCourse #Course NameHoursRCI
Finance3504 / 3507Intermediate Corporate Finance or Investments3
BUS ADM3103Integrative Business Applications3
Select One3
General Education 08xx or 09xxGenEd Breadth Course3
Free Elective3
Semester VII – Fall
DepartmentCourse #Course NameHoursRCI
BUS ADM4101Global Business Policies3WI
Select one3
General Education 08xx or 09xxGenEd Breadth Course3
Finance3551International Finance3
Free Elective3
Semester VIII – Spring
DepartmentCourse #Course NameHoursRCI
Finance4596Seminar in Financial Management3WI
General Education08xx or 09xxGenEd Breadth Course3
Free Elective3-4
Free Elective3
Free Elective3
Total credits for the B.B.A. in Finance:124

See the current bulletin at: http://www.temple.edu/bulletin/Academic_programs/schools_colleges/fox/programs/finance/fox_finance.shtm.

Accelerated 3 Year BBA

Motivated students can accelerate their BBA program to finish in 3 years. Please see the suggested sequence.