Department of Finance

Embark on a career in finance and reap the rewards of a fulfilling, flexible profession. A career as a financial analyst, international investment banker, real estate executive, or wealth manager starts with a strong foundation in place-the kind at Temple University’s Fox School of Business.

Research Themes

Law and Financial Institutions

The intersection between corporations, financial institutions, private and public regulators, and the government has become increasingly large and more important since the financial crisis. The influence and effects of this intersection have proven to be, and will likely continue to be, an important and interesting area of research.

Global Corporate Governance and Corporate Governance

The separation of ownership and control (manager-shareholder issues and shareholder-shareholder issues) has been and will continue to be an important research area for scholars in the Finance department. Fox School faculty are actively engaged in research on governance topics such as the impact of family ownership and control on firm performance, the effect of board structure on firm performance and firm value, and the effect of CEO compensation structure on firm risk-taking, and the effects of country governance and culture on the firm.

Risk and Valuation

Different types of risk affect investors differently, and should consequently command different risk premia. Estimating these premia has important implications not only for finance, but macroeconomics more generally. Many recent advances in econometric and statistical techniques have provided new, robust testing methods.

Real Estate Initiative

Real estate research and centers have, and will continue to be, an important route for departments and business schools to become integrated into the local and regional markets.  These centers provide a great opportunity for fundraising (naming gifts, etc.).  The Fox School’s Finance department has a relatively strong presence in real estate research, with specific topics such as mortgage choice, zoning and land use regulation, and real estate asset pricing.