Department of Finance

Embark on a career in finance and reap the rewards of a fulfilling, flexible profession. A career as a financial analyst, international investment banker, real estate executive, or wealth manager starts with a strong foundation in place-the kind at Temple University’s Fox School of Business.


Faculty in the Finance department at the Fox School of Business are engaged in research that covers a broad spectrum of topics including corporate governance, the effect of regulation on firms and markets, risk and its effect on asset valuations, and residential and commercial real estate markets.  Faculty research regularly appears in the top finance, economics, accounting, and management journals such as the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Accounting and Economics, and Management Science.  The department continues to build a strong research foundation by recruiting promising faculty members from top-ranked national and international finance and economic programs.

The Finance department’s research has focused on four core themes:

  • Law and Financial Institutions
  • Global Corporate Governance and Corporate Governance
  • Risk and Valuation
  • Real Estate Initiative

What is the Broader Impact?

The Finance department’s research seeks to inform and educate investors, regulators, and other financial market participants on a broad range of issues that have a direct impact on firm value.  Much of the research within the Finance department is focused on understanding how to resolve the agency problem with the firm. In its simplest form, agency theory proposes that the firm’s owners or principals hire managers (agents) and then delegate the firm’s day-to-day operating decisions to these managers. This separation of ownership and management creates a conflict of interest within the firm as managers seek to maximize their personal welfare at the expense of that of the shareholders.  The Fox School’s Finance faculty produces research which impacts industry by examining how corporate governance mechanisms can be used effectively to mitigate such conflicts of interest.  Specifically, the Finance department’s research work focuses on how corporate boards, compensation systems, equity-ownership structures, and activist shareholders help align the incentives of managers with those of shareholders.