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Center for Undergraduate Advising


Study Abroad

Fox Study Abroad Process

  1. Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to make an academic plan. Consider what courses will fit in your program. Do not forget about residency requirements:Residency requirements address the number of credits students take at Temple/ Temple programs towards their Temple degree. Make sure your academic plan takes the following into account:- The majority (at least 51%) of each major, minor, certificate must be completed  through Fox unless otherwise specified in the requirements for the minor or certificate.
    - A minimum of 50% of a student’s business courses must be completed through Fox.
    - 30 of the student’s last 45 credits must be taken at Temple University.
    - To graduate with Latin Honors, a student must complete at least 60 semester hours of the program matriculated at Temple.
  2. Visit Education Abroad in 200 Tuttleman.
    1. Program options
    2. Course offerings
    3. Course approval form
    4. Application(s)
    5. Visa information
    6. Scholarship information
    7. And much more…
  3. Gather any syllabi needed to have courses evaluated.
  4. Submit course approval form and syllabi to your advisor for business course evaluation (courses elsewhere form).
  5. Submit course approval form to specific departments for free credit courses.
  6. Submit course approval form to Vice Provost Office for Gen ed courses.
  7. Your advisor will contact you once the business evaluations are received, your course approval will be signed, and a copy will be kept for your academic file.
  8. Submit complete course approval to Education Abroad. Follow up on your next steps with that office.
  9. Remember to request your transcript at the completion of your study abroad program and have it sent to:
    Education Abroad & Overseas Campuses
    200 Tuttleman Learning Center
    1809 N 13th St
    Philadelphia, PA 19122
  10. Follow-up with your advisor the following semester to confirm credits were posted.

Special note: You are responsible to keep copies of all your documentation.