Center for Undergraduate Advising



Alter Lobby 2One of the most important services a college provides to its students is academic advising.   Students in Fox have several ways to meet with an academic advisor, including Scheduled Appointments for academic planning, Daily Walk-in Advising for quick questions, and Virtual Advising for students unable to come to campus during business hours.


Scheduled Advising Appointments

Scheduled appointments are the PREFERRED method of meeting with an academic advisor and are available throughout the calendar year at Main, Center City, and Ambler campus.  Fox Students may schedule an appointment with their assigned academic advisor using our Fox Undergraduate Advising On-line Appointment System.

Freshmen and Sophomores can schedule appointments with any of the Freshman/Sophomore Advisors.  Juniors and Seniors can only make appointments with their assigned major specific advisor.


Daily Walk-in Advising

Walk-In advising is offered daily (5 days a week) in Speakman 101 and is limited to brief, 10-15 minute sessions with an advisor “on call” to answer quick questions about any academic issues .   A different advisor will be on call each day to see students on a first-come, first-served basis.  During the first two weeks of every fall and spring semester, and during the priority registration period for each fall and spring semester, students with questions are encouraged to participate in walk-in advising.


Virtual Advising (through WebEx)

If you are an Online BBA program student, you can schedule a meeting with your assigned virtual advisor using our On-Line Appointment System.  If you have problems scheduling an appointment online, please email Ms. Shelley Hunter at to schedule a virtual advising appointment with your assigned academic advisor by last name: Karen Murtha (last names A-D) or Elvita Quinones (last names E-Z).

Virtual appointments are also available weekly for non-traditional students.  To request a virtual advising appointment via WebEx, please email Camille Fallon at with a list of dates and time you are available.


 *Advising Appointments are restricted to current Fox students only.  Non-Fox students who would like to learn about our program and/or meet with an advisor must first attend a CHANGE OF PROGRAM workshop

Evening Hours Available:  There are appointments available on Wednesday evenings for students who attend courses in the evening only.   To request a  Wednesday evening advising appointment, please call the Fox Advising Main Campus office (215-204-7672)  or email Ross Markman at