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Advisor & Student Responsibilties

Fox StudentsOur team of dedicated academic advisors is ready to assist motivated students in Fox to develop educational plans that are consistent with their academic and career goals. We believe the successful attainment of goals is best met through intentional collaborations between students and advisors. This partnership is facilitated by an environment of mutual communication, respect and responsibility.

As active participants in the advising process, students bear the ultimate responsibility for making educational and career decisions.  Therefore, we rely on student to be prepared with questions, to refer to their advising notes both before and after advising meetings, research options before they come to their meeting, and obtain a copy of their evaluation sheet.

Students are expected to know University Policies and their program requirements as defined in their Bulletin and on their DARS report, which can be accessed via TUportal by clicking on the Student Tools tab and then selecting Degree Audit in the Records channel.

Advisors in turn, strive to provide knowledgeable assistance to ensure students’ accurate understating of University and School policies, utilization of campus resources, interpretation of curriculum requirements and timely completion of degree requirements.

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