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Center for Undergraduate Advising


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Experience the power of Fox’s Center for Undergraduate Advising: Two Teams, One Mission.

Alter LobbyOur purpose is to provide quality academic advising services that empower students to make informed decisions about their education, projected career, and personal/professional life at Temple University.  Students work collaboratively with our academic advising team to develop individual plans for academic success, interpret university policy, and fully utilize campus resources to promote their achievement.

Students in Fox have several ways to meet with a professional academic advisor:

Freshman and Sophomore Team: Advising focused on the transition to college life, major exploration in Fox, and successful completion of our lower foundation.  Freshmen and Sophomores can meet with any Freshman/Sophomore Advisor.

Junior and Senior Team: Major specialized guidance by advising staff who work collaboratively with students, faculty and departments to ensure satisfactory degree progress and preparation for graduation.  Juniors and Seniors must meet with their assigned major advisor.

Campus Specific Advising: Advisors are available at three campuses: Main, Ambler, and Center City (TUCC).

Virtual Advising: Online/virtual appointments are available to students enrolled in the Online BBA program or for non-traditional students who are not able to come to campus during our normal business hours.


Appointments  can be made online.  Please see our web site for current office hours.