Fox Accounting

The Accounting Program at the Fox School of Business provides students with a broad education and intensive study within the major as preparation for professional careers in public accounting, cost and managerial accounting, information systems, business consulting, government, and not-for-profit institutions.


The mission of the Accounting department is to advance the frontiers of knowledge in the Accounting profession and to provide a high-quality education to Fox School of Business students. In the tradition of Temple’s founder Russell Conwell, we provide a range of educational and professional development opportunities to full and part-time students who have the ability and ambition to benefit from them. Undergraduate and Graduate students receive a results-oriented education that links theory with practice and provides the skills needed for professional success in both the profit and not-for-profit sectors. Fox Accounting students graduate with a firm understanding of the different areas of Accounting—as well as cutting-edge technology and ethical leadership skills—so they can deal with the constantly changing environment of our information age. Doctoral students receive advanced training to prepare them for professional careers as researchers and teachers in the field of Accounting.

Our faculty makes substantial contributions to the Accounting discipline through basic and applied research. These activities are carried out to raise the professional stature of the Accounting department, enhance the faculty’s ability to meet their teaching responsibilities, and to increase the department’s and the school’s visibility in the business world.