Alter Hall Facts

Alter Hall

At Fox, we're proud to have a home that matches our growing reputation. Alter Hall is more than a collection of classrooms and offices: it's a bridge to the future of global business.

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This $80 million, state-of-the-art facility, is a place where students, faculty and alumni connect and collaborate. The modern, 21st-century facility you see today is so much more than a shell containing classrooms and offices. Alter Hall is a bridge to the future for thousands of current students and the many more who will follow.

  • 8 floors
  • 217,000 gross square feet
  • 3-story, 3,500-square-foot atrium
  • 4,200-square-foot student lounge
  • 274-seat sloped auditorium
  • Six MBA, tiered, case study rooms
  • Six 62-seat undergraduate case rooms
  • One 72-seat undergraduate case room
  • Two 130-seat sloped lecture halls
  • Two 110-seat sloped lecture halls
  • Capital Markets Trading Room
  • 2 computer teaching labs
  • 26 breakout rooms
  • 12 interview rooms
  • Business Center for MBA students
  • 3,600-square-foot MBA Commons
  • 406 laptop lockers and 50 wardrobe lockers for MBA and Honors
  • Dean’s suite and board room
  • 8 departmental suites
  • 8 department chair offices
  • 16 director offices
  • 126 faculty offices
  • 60 offices for administrative support
  • 6 faculty collaboration spaces
  • 9 research institutes
  • 12 general use conference rooms
  • Entrepreneurship lab
  • 4 mentor meeting rooms
  • Alumni lounge