Graduation Process for Winter 2019 Graduates

Graduation is a five step process. It is imperative that you complete each step of the process to be cleared for graduation and receive your diploma.

Step 1 – Submit Your Request for a Graduation Review

All Fox School students who expect to complete their degree requirements in December 2018 and participate in the graduation ceremony in Winter 2019 must file a “Request for a Graduation Review” with the Fox School. Your academic advisor will complete a graduation review and send you a list of your remaining requirements prior to registering for your final semester. All students should review their DARS report and their program information in Banner to be sure their information is accurate. Students should schedule an appointment with their academic advisors to report errors or make corrections to programs. Click here to request a graduation review of remaining courses.

Step 2 – Check Your Email

After your Request for a Graduation Review has been processed, your academic advisor will complete and e-mail you a graduation review listing your courses remaining to graduate. Typically, it takes approximately four to five weeks for processing. If you do not successfully complete these courses, your remaining requirements will need to be revised – please contact your academic advisor.

Step 3 – Review Your Summer/Fall Course Registration

Please verify that you are registered for the courses listed on your “Courses Remaining for Graduation” that you received from your academic advisor and check your DARS report to be sure all your requirements are met. Report any discrepancies to your advisor. If you did not successfully complete all of your spring and/or summer courses, your remaining requirements will need to be revised – please contact your academic advisor.

You must submit an application for Winter 2019 (December 2018) graduation in Self-Service Banner. You will not be included on the final graduation list or receive a diploma if you do not complete this step. Please note that this will not be available until the fall of 2018. Mark your calendar to complete it by early October 2018.

  • Log into the TU Portal and click on the Self Service Banner link in the left column
  • Click on the Student tab
  • Click on the Student Records tab
  • Click on Apply to Graduate and follow the instructions to complete.

Before submitting, verify that all your program information is listed correctly in the application – your graduation date, your major(s), minor(s) and certificate(s). Please be sure that your name is spelled and punctuated exactly as you want it to appear on your diploma.

* If you have already submitted a graduation application through Self-Service Banner, click on View Graduation Application and review the information to be sure it is correct.

If you no longer plan to graduate in Winter 2019 or have questions about your requirements, please contact your academic advisor.

If you have problems submitting the graduation application, please please contact your academic advisor.

Step 4 – Submit the Commencement & Reception Ceremony RSVP

You must RSVP to attend both the university and school commencement ceremonies. Your RSVP will provide you with ceremony ticket, graduation announcements and a garage parking pass. The RSVP System will be open/available here beginning December 2018. – The deadline is January 17, 2019.  Tickets and graduation information packets will be distributed January 22 through the 25th in Speakman Hall Room 101.  Plan accordingly to come to pick them up.


Petition to Participate in Graduation for Non-Graduates

Graduation is a time to celebrate the completion of your degree and is a joyous time for both graduates and their families. Students who are not graduating, but are within 2 courses (maximum of 8 credits) may petition to participate in graduation prior to graduating. If approved, students will participate in the ceremony, but their names will not appear in the programs nor will honors be announced (this is often important to families. The Fox School currently holds graduation ceremonies for students graduating in August (the ceremony is in early September), January (the ceremony is at the end of January) and May (the ceremony is held the same day as the University Commencement.) Students must submit a “Online Petition to Walk” to be considered for this exception. Deadlines are strictly enforced.

Petitions must be submitted by the University graduation application deadline (see below) for the graduation requested NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

The deadlines are:

– November 15 for the January graduation ceremony

– February 15 for the May commencement and graduation ceremonies

– June 1 for the August graduation ceremony

Must first log into your TUMail to access this petition – Click here to submit your petition to participate as a non-graduate in the commencement ceremony.


Winter 2019 Commencement Information:

The Fox School of Business and the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Graduation Ceremony Information

Dean Ronald Anderson and the Faculty of the Fox School of Business and School of Tourism and Hospitality Management invite you to participate in

The Fox School of Business and the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Graduation Reception & Ceremony

  • Reception Location: Alter Hall Atrium (Lobby)
  • Reception Date & Time: February 1, 2019 – 11:30am
  • Ceremony Location: The Liacouras Center
  • Ceremony Date & Time: February 1, 2019 – 2pm
  • Students must report at Liacouras Loading Dock to check in and line up at 12:30pm. Look for signs and student workers to guide you to the Liacouras Center.)


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Attend?
Students graduating from the Fox School of Business / School of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Winter 2018.  Each student is recognized individually by the Dean as you are called by name onto the stage.

Must I respond to attend this ceremony?
Yes. You must RSVP to attend the Fox school commencement ceremony.  Your RSVP will provide you with graduation announcements and a garage parking pass. The RSVP will be available here until the deadline – January 17, 2018.

Do I need tickets to attend?
No. Tickets are not required for your guests to attend the Fox School Graduation Ceremony. Seating is unlimited and you may bring as many people as you desire.

What do I wear to the ceremony?
Academic regalia (cap, gown and hood) is required to participate and is ordered through the Temple Bookstores. The Fox School of Business hood color is “drab.” Please contact the bookstore directly for ordering deadlines.

What are the guidelines for ordering cords, Sashes and Stoles for the commencement and graduation ceremonies?
Please click here to view the official university guidelines for ordering cords, sashes and stoles for the graduation commencement ceremonies.

Where do we park?
Eligible graduates will receive 1 complimentary parking pass that will be distributed in Speakman Hall Room 101 will be distributed January 22 through the 25th, 9 am through 4:45 PM.  Plan accordingly to come to pick them up.

Do I receive graduation announcements?
A graduation announcement is a small commemorative document announcing the details of the graduation ceremony. Eligible graduates will receive 4 announcements that will be distributed in your advising center Administrative Office, Speakman Hall Room 101, January 22 through the 25th, 9 am through 4:45 PM.  Plan accordingly to come to pick them up.

Can my family take photos?
A professional photographer will be present to record this important moment of your life. The photographer will mail a complimentary proof directly to your home (permanent address) with information about purchasing additional prints.

When will I receive my diploma?
Diplomas will be mailed to your permanent address six weeks after the date of graduation to all academically cleared students. Diplomas will not be released for students who owe the University money or library books, those who have not completed exit paperwork if required, and those who have “financial holds.” Be sure to resolve such matters prior to December 10th and contact the Advising Office in order to receive your diploma on time. Be sure to update your permanent address in Banner if you expect a change in residence before graduation. International students should contact the Office Of International Services about the full, correct address to be used for mailing.

How do I obtain verification that I have graduated from Temple University for graduate school or professional reasons?
Your final transcript with your degree posted is your official verification of graduation.  Transcripts are issued (unless you have HOLDS) by the Office of the University Registrar, usually within 2 – 4 weeks of your official graduation date.

When and where do I take my yearbook pictures?
View the website for information about yearbook pictures.  Enter school code 87120 or call  1-800-OUR-YEAR (687-9327) during normal business hours. Prestige Portraits by Lifetouch can also be reached via email at

When you schedule your appointment, you will receive complete information on how to prepare for your portrait sitting.

Don’t forget that you can use these portraits for your Professional Networking and Job Search sites.

Will I receive a yearbook?
Year books are printed once a year.  Yearbooks for Winter 2018 & May 2019 graduates will be available for pick up from Speakman Hall Room 101 in May 2019. For information about the yearbook and yearbook photos, please visit the Templar website. Celebrate your post-graduation plans with The Fox School, CSPD, your friends and family! Fill out the brief questionnaire (Employment & Continued Education) on FoxNet (under View/Edit Profile Data) and receive a free Class tee shirt at graduation!