Your Fox School Capstone Course

The capstone course for students in the Fox School is either Business Administration 4196 (4996) if your University requirements are the Core Curriculum OR Business Administration 4101 (4901) if your University requirements are General Education.

Business Administration 4196 (4996)

  • Spring 2013 was the last semester that this course was offered.  This course no longer exists.

Business Administration 4101 (4901)

Students are encouraged to take this course in their first semester senior year (see suggested sequence grids in the Undergraduate Bulletin for your major.)

Students can self-register for this course, but course prerequisites must be met: MIS 2101, Finance 3101, MSOM 3101, and BA 3103.

Students are  expected to file an “Intent to Graduate” with the Fox School and a graduation application in Self Service Banner. Please see the links to the left for the appropriate graduation.

Degree Verification

Your final transcript with your degree posted is your official verification of graduation. Transcripts are issued (unless you have HOLDS) by the Office of University Registrar, usually within 2 – 4 weeks (6 weeks for May graduates) of your official graduation date. Order a transcript.

Graduation (Latin) Honors

Graduation (Latin) Honors are conferred upon graduation to students who have completed at least 60 credits at Temple and whose final cumulative GPA meets the qualifying standards. Please view the following website for qualifying standards:

Petition to Participate in Graduation for Non-Graduates

Graduation is a time to celebrate the completion of your degree and is a joyous time for both graduates and their families. Students who are not graduating, but are within 2 courses or eight credit hours may petition to participate in graduation prior to graduating. If approved, students will participate in the ceremony, but their names will not appear in the programs nor will honors be announced (this is often important to families. The Fox School currently holds graduation ceremonies for students graduating in August (the ceremony is in early September), January (the ceremony is at the end of January) and May (the ceremony is held the same day as the University Commencement.) Students must submit a “Online Petition to Walk” to be considered for this exception. Deadlines are strictly enforced.

The online petition to participate as a non-graduate for May 2015 commencement ceremony will be posted here on January, 2015.  The petition will be close on February 15, 2015.  

Petitions must be submitted by the University graduation application deadline (see below) for the graduation requested NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

The deadlines are:

– November 15 for the January graduation ceremony

– February 15 for the May commencement and graduation ceremonies

– June 1 for the August graduation ceremony

Click here to submit your petition to participate as a non-graduate in the commencement ceremony.