MarcDavid LGBTQIA Scholarship Award

Applications are now available for the MarcDavid LGBTQIA Scholarship Award.

This scholarship award is given to an undergraduate TU student who is active in the LGBTQIA community. This activity can be inside or outside of the Temple community. The student who is awarded this scholarship will receive it for each semester they are a full time undergraduate student at Temple.

We are no longer accepting applicants for this award. Applications will open up next spring.

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William (Bill) Bergman Award

Applications are available for the William (Bill) Bergman Award. This scholarship award is presented to a Temple University Student in good academic standing who demonstrates University leadership as well as service to the broader community. Preference shall be given to students with financial need who are from a Philadelphia High School.

We are no longer accepting applicants for this award. Applications will open up next spring.

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Fox School Awards Competition

  • Students with financial need must complete their FAFSA details and select Temple as the school to send the details, no later than February 24, 2017.
  • If you do not complete the FAFSA in time, you will not be submitted for consideration of any scholarship where “financial need” is required.
  • You must complete the General Application and hit submit. Then begin to apply to the opportunities by going to where there is a green arrow, mouse over “opportunities” and then click on “All”. Read the description under each opportunity’s requirements and apply to those for which you qualify. Many scholarships/awards ask for essays or other pertinent information as described within the opportunity and you will not advance until you complete these requirements.
  • After all the applications have been reviewed, and if you are offered a scholarship/award, you may receive an email from Academic Works requiring you to upload a thank you note to the donors. If you do not upload a thank you, SFS will not be able to apply the scholarship dollars to your tuition invoice.

We are no longer accepting applicants for this competition. Applications will open up next spring.


Supplemental Academic Scholarships (SAS)

The Supplemental Academic Scholarships are a group of Temple University-administrated scholarships awarded annually thanks to the generous support of donors.

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Diamond Research Scholars Program

The Diamond Research Scholars Program offers a seven-month long funded research experience under the direction of a faculty mentor. Participants receive a summer stipend of $2,750 and tuition remission for up to three hours of research or independent study in the fall for their research or creative arts project.

The 2018 Program application opens in December

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AMP International Research Scholars Program

The Temple AMP International Research Scholarship provides undergraduate students a stipend of $5,000 in support of international STEM research projects undertaken with the supervision of a faculty mentor during the summer. To be eligible, students must be underrepresented minority STEM majors, US citizens or permanent residents, enrolled full-time at the time of application and at Temple Main Campus for the fall semester following the research experience and propose to conduct STEM research in an international location for a minimum of four (4) weeks. The scholarships are competitive and limited to eight (8) awards.

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Diamond Peer Teachers Program

For fall semester – The Diamond Peer Teachers Program provides upper-level undergraduates at Temple University the opportunity to experience the challenges and rewards of college-level teaching, to work with faculty mentors to develop their own pedagogical skills, and to provide supplemental instruction in lower-level and GenEd courses. Peer Teachers earn a semester stipend of $2,250 and tuition remission for one internship credit.

Spring 2018 application now open with a deadline of September 29

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Creative Arts, Research, And Scholarship (CARAS) Program

For summer and fall projects – The Creative Arts, Research And Scholarship (CARAS) Program provides funding to encourage and support undergraduate and professional students engaged in scholarly, creative, and research projects that contribute to advancing their field of study. Two types of grants are made through the CARAS program: Research/Creative Project Grants provide undergraduate and professional students up to $3,000 in support of scholarly, research or creative arts projects undertaken with the supervision of a faculty mentor. Travel Grants provide up to $1000 for undergraduate travel to present research or creative work or travel to conduct on-site research.

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Non-Temple Scholarship Opportunities

Visit Student Financial Services for additional opportunities.

Study Abroad Scholarship Resources